Discover How Your Workout Boosts Brain Power

Discover How YOur Workout Boosts Mental Power

We all know the stereotype. There is a common perception of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, especially strength trainers, as a bunch of lunkheads. They are often seen as thick-necked, dim-witted, and unintelligent. However, scientific studies are showing a direct link between physical fitness and mental strength. Therefore, if you want to boost mental capacity and intelligence, hit the gym and workout.

This should not be news. In today’s world, the word gymnasium is synonymous with an athletic training or fitness center. However, historically, a gymnasium was also an institution of learning. In fact, in Ancient Greece, the gymnasium was not only an athletic training facility, but it was an establishment of education and health. The Greeks, well over 2000 years ago. understood the link between health, fitness, and education.  Continue reading Discover How Your Workout Boosts Brain Power

Why You Should Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

Why You Should Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

Have you heard the idea that shampooing every day is bad for your hair? Are you one of the many, in a growing movement, who have decided to stop shampooing altogether? If you haven’t, you probably know someone who has, and who talks about the ills of shampooing. How often you should wash your hair, if at all, is a common personal care question, and we would like to share the answer with our readers.

Our body’s natural oils moisturize and protect our skin and hair. However, we have a strange ritual. We bathe using soaps and shampoos to strip our bodies of these natural oils, only to use moisturizers and conditioners. We perform this ritual for several reasons. The buildup of oils and clogging of pores can create health issues, like acne. Moreover, going days without washing and we actually start to feel gross and dirty.  Continue reading Why You Should Not Wash Your Hair Every Day

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