Social Media Management and Content Writing by Timothy Alexander

Social Media Management and Consulting Services by Timothy Alexander

Timothy Alexander offers social media management and consulting services that will improve your small to midsize business’s customer growth and social media presence. He will manage appearance and behavior on those social networks that will offer the most benefit to your business, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, FourSquare and others while you focus on running your business. Contact Timothy today for a free strategy session so that he can help you in generating more traffic, more leads, and ultimately more customers.

Focused and methodical, Timothy Alexander has years of experience in planning and executing social media marketing strategies as an independent marketer. He can develop messaging and promotions mirroring your company’s needs and policies and has experience in maintaining, posting and analyzing social media content across diverse formats. Additionally, Timothy is an expert in writing content for blogging and social media. Are you with me so far?

Articles by Timothy Alexander Available For Sale

Are you looking for a ghostwriter to create content for your website, blog, or newsletter? Writing articles is necessary for communicating with customers and attracting attention. However, with recent changes to Google’s algorithms, unique articles, and original content are a must. Timothy Alexander can provide the content websites and publishers need to stand out. Does this seem to be the kind of solution you are looking for?

Unique, High Quality, Hand Edited Articles by Timothy Alexander

For those outside of the Delaware Valley, Timothy has partnered with Constant Content to make purchasing custom ordered or ready-made articles easier than ever. Constant Contact guarantees Timothy’s writing abilities have been independently evaluated. You will never have to worry about screening a writer again.

Social Media Management near West Chester, Pennsylvania

If your business is near West Chester, Pennsylvania, or the Greater Philadelphia Area, Timothy Alexander can provide a free evaluation and proposal for social media management services. It is no great secret hiring a freelancer saves time and money compared to hiring a full-time professional. Moreover, with thousands of freelancers out there, there is no shortage of people ready to bid on your project.

Nonetheless, there are many benefits to using a locally sourced social media management and content creation service near West Chester, Pennsylvania. You can hire someone from some other part of the world, but you will miss out on significant advantages.

Benefits of Hiring near West Chester

  • A freelance social media manager near West Chester understands the local community and culture. Living and working in Chester County and the Greater Philadelphia Area means knowing the people here and your target audience. Some guy in California will have no idea what scrapple and dippy eggs are or even how to pronounce Schuylkill.
  • Being in the same area allows you to interact with the freelance social media manager in real-time or you can have real face-to-face meetings. Why hire someone who works when you sleep? Important communication may wait hours, and often a day or more, before you receive a response to your emails. The lack or delay of real-time communication seriously reduces productivity.
  • There are also some financial benefits using a locally sourced freelancer. For example, what happens if you have to send traditional mail? This can be anything from contracts or other items needing an exchange to sending payments. These mail costs will add up over time. Hiring social media manager near West Chester will reduce or eliminate this expense.
  • A freelancer near West Chester, Pennsylvania wants our local communities to succeed. A locally sourced freelancer supports other local businesses, volunteers for local school events, and will donate to local charities.
  • When you purchase freelance services locally, you know most of the money stays right here in Chester County and the Greater Philadelphia Area. A local freelancer spends their money and pays taxes in the community. It’s a wonderful circle! Don’t you agree?

About Timothy Alexander

Timothy Alexander works and lives in the Greater Philadelphia Area. He is a married father of six, and grandfather of one. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army, trained as a Computer Programmer. Moreover, since 2002, he has been independently employed in online sales and marketing.

Additionally, Timothy Alexander has been an elected member of the Octorara Area School District Board of Directors since December 2013, and the Chester County Intermediate Unit Board of Directors since June 2014. Timothy has a strong commitment to community service, focusing primarily on children’s education and improving academic performance, especially in literacy.

Timothy is the Founder, Blogger, and Editor at Koffee-O-Matic, an online magazine showcasing information and original commentary across a variety of subject areas, including business, social media, technology, and politics. If you are looking for samples of his writing, here is where you look.

If you would like to talk about social media management and content creation, or need more information, please use the contact form below.

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