8 Common Rookie Mistakes in Content Marketing to Avoid

Content Marketing
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Content marketing is tough business that often gets over-simplified in discussions. You will find some experts even touting magical techniques that will have your blog jump from a few hundred readers a month to tens of thousands, with just 15 minutes a day. Don’t you dare believe it.

good blog post will take hours to write. Your social networks need daily attention, both for basic management and to cultivate a community. It does not matter how brilliant, educated or talented you are, only persistence and determination will create success in content marketing. 

Moreover, your content marketing strategy must focus not only on being informative, but must also be entertaining and focused on maintain relationships.  There is no quick and easy path for content marketing. Many businesses and entrepreneurs don’t understand content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

We must understand that content marketing is about building a community of listeners, viewers, and patrons before the call to action. We are building trust and credibility that will then earn you the right to sell fans and followers something.. Does that make sense to you?

Today, I have compiled a list of some content marketing mistakes made by rookies.

Failing to Automate

Automation is a necessary tool that allows your to more fully engage with your audience, It is not and should not be used as a “set it and forget it” solution. There are many tools out there to help you be social, communicate, and create content. These tools are necessary so that you can manage your time, and focus on your community.

Failing to Optimize for Search Engines

Over the years, some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques have fallen out a favor. The algorithms now being used by search engines are the closest thing there is to true artificial intelligence, and they can figure out the topic of content without writers stuffing keywords in titles, meta tags, and post content. However, all things being equal, content that is written with SEO in mind will always rank higher.

Failing to Optimize for Visitors

I have seen even some of the major content driven sites make this mistake, and maybe you have as well. Visitors expect your site to load quickly, and if it takes longer than a few seconds they will look for the information somewhere else. Speed things up by keeping your site design clean, limit advertising, use caching, reduce image sizes, and use video hosting.

Failing to Distribute Your Content

The idea that “if you build it they will come” is a nice notion, but it does not work. You must distribute your content across multiple social media networks, and make it easy you for audience to do the same. You need to distribute your content using email, by having your audience subscribe to your blog or newsletter. If you can afford it, you should pay for online advertising.

Failing to be Informative and Entertaining

A core tenet of content marketing is you need to be both useful and enjoyable, and your sole focus should never be just about selling. Building trust and credibility must always come first. If you only focus on self-promotion and sales, you will lose leads who have not reached to point they are ready to buy, and you will fail at creating long-term relationships with existing customers.

Great Headlines, but Poor Content

A great headline will attract visitors to your blog, but poor content will cause them to bounce. Make sure your content inspires, entertains, or provides a solution to a problem. Use good grammar, and spelling. You must create content people will want to read. You can do everything else right, but poor content can cause a high bounce rate, cancelling out all your efforts.

Failing to Proofread

No one is perfect, I’m certainly not. We have all posted something reviewed and edited a hundred times, only to find embarrassing errors after an article has gone public. Poor grammar, bad spelling, and an inferior writing style can wreck a post. Try reading out loud, or using a text-to-speech reader. Poor grammar and bad spelling will affect your reputation and authority.

Failing to be Consistent

Nothing is more disappointing than finding a great post, only to discover the actual site has not been updated in months and looks abandoned. What reason does a visitor have to return? I’m not saying you must blog every day or even every week. However, you do have to have a consistent schedule. You are giving your visitors a reason to subscribe, bookmark, and engaging when you keep a regular schedule for posting new content.

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I guess another mistake that rookies do is the failure to generate appealing titles for their posts. Most visitors are attracted in a blog if the title creates curiosity to the visitor’s mind. However, they should also prevent making clickbait titles as it may destroy their reputation in the long run.