MYOB: Mind Your Own Business (Who Asked You?)

MYOB: Mind Your Own Business (Who Asked You?)


Marketing is not for everyone. In fact, it takes a very specific nervy sort of person to effectively market any product, service or business. There is an aggression involved with Marketing that borders on what can only be described as fearlessness. You, as a person involved in Marketing, have an unbridled confidence that may take into consideration all of the risks involved with your Marketing Strategy and throw caution to the wind anyway!

You are the person on the forefront of your industry marketing a product, service or business idea to the masses. The masses are not easily won over, so you are a person that enjoys a challenge! You face these challenges head on in your career with the ferocity of a lioness on the prowl.

You are tenacious, courageous and bold! You are the Marketing Magician, Sales Super Star and you are not daunted by past failures, you are encouraged by them, learning from them, taking what you have learned and being better in all your future endeavors! You, in a nutshell, GOT THIS!!!


Feeling pretty good about yourself? Of course you are, we cannot forget the element of arrogance that associates itself directly with individuals that excel at Marketing. It’s a thrill to be able to manipulate others to purchase or endorse the ideas and products you tell them they should. What a total power trip, right?

Of course, it is!!!! Your genius knows no bounds! However, there is a downside to this gift. Not everyone, in every situation, really wants to know WHAT YOU THINK about their business or how they should proceed to run it. The Marketing Magic that is you: it is sometimes an unwanted and unsolicited bit of advice that the recipient probably wished you had kept to yourself.

THE UGLY (truth)

Over the course of the past three years, I’ve experienced my ignorance of this fact repeatedly. I, too, enjoy Marketing. I love it. I love the ins and outs of ideas being shared and exchanged and watching a plan for marketing end in successful sales for a company. My mother is EXCEPTIONAL at this skill set and I’ve learned from the best. I was, and am, really a bit arrogant and I literally could not keep my TWO CENTS to myself on more than one occasion.

I never really noticed my total lack of regard for others until I was watching the MASTER MARKETING MAGICIAN herself do the exact same thing on, OF ALL PLACES, The Real Housewives of New York City! You may already know to whom I am referencing these allegations.

Oh yes, our Skinny Girl herself, Bethenny Frankel. I was watching a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) where Bethenny was critiquing a video shot by super slut Erika Jaymes, wife to the horny old lawyer Tom (Erin Brokovich’s lawyer). It was some stripper act and all the girl wants is to run around in her underpants and show off her fake titties.

She has no message, she has no purpose, she has platinum blonde hair, fake tits and a beautiful face that allows her to play rock star all year long. Gold digging at its finest. I am not insulting this girl, I say to anyone that would, she is using the gifts that God gave her to their full potential.

If that old horny lawyer will finance her, well, that’s a problem that is solely his to bear. And that old horny fart looks pretty happy with his decision. Meanwhile, our gal pal Bethenny, business mogul that she is, begins to say “So…well, what is your message…”. —Her little marketing mind immediately moved to ‘helping’ this walking bit of blonde boobies.

Mistake number one. She doesn’t HAVE any message. She just has a G-string and she wants to show it off. Let her go! Bethenny moves on to other questions like “is it about empowering women….what is your brand going to be….” —Oh for Pete’s sake, isn’t she a dear to think that this blonde boobie had any underlying plan for a brand or message of any kind?

I’m going to indulge myself with a little lol right now because it is laughable. But, there is our gal pal Bethenny trying to make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear. It was during this conversation that the light bulb exploded in my mind. THIS IS ME.

This is what I do to people. It is totally obnoxious but I can’t help myself any more than Bethanny can stop herself! We are compelled to try to HELP, to CHANGE, to BRAND, to PUSH FORWARD, we are just plain old obsessed with trying to help others more effectively identify and market their brand.

It doesn’t make a bit of difference if anyone wanted our opinions, there we are, shoving them down their throats with no regard to the fact that sometimes, they just don’t want them! No matter how RIGHT we are, there are times when we need to step back and ask ourselves this question “How does this directly impact me, my family, my business…?”. If the answer is NOT AT ALL we need to learn to shut our pie holes. Unless someone ASKS you for Marketing Advice, don’t offer it.

I am especially guilty of this offense and was promptly told off on numerous occasions for it. Since that time, I’ve learned to think before I speak. I have literally STOPPED MIDSENTENCE when the overwhelming impulse to “help out” has arisen in my Marketing Madness Magic Mode!

The moral of the crazy story as a business leader would be, figure out WHO ASKED YOU and WHY? Then decide if those two reasons coincide with what will improve your own position in the marketplace before you are so quick to offer your ideas, opinions & marketing ‘tips’.

Be very mindful of other’s position. Where are they coming from and where do THEY want to go with their business idea? Maybe that lady only wants to work out of her house and have a hobby! Maybe she never fully intends to take over the market in herbal remedies or wrinkle creams, her vision is not the same as the one you want for her, so keep it to yourself.

Maybe that person doesn’t want to become a chain store, maybe they like baking cupcakes from their home for close family and friends and that is as far as it needs to go for them. Who are YOU to tell them differently. Until you have investigated THEIR POINT OF VIEW, keep YOUR opinions to yourself.


Maybe my sharing this story with you, my business guru friends, will help you out in social situations where people really DID NOT ASK YOU FOR YOUR OPINION. Here are a few times when you may give your honest opinion: if someone says “Can you please give me your honest opinion?” or “I want to ask you for a few of your marketing ideas for my business”. Other than that, it’s a no go.

If they don’t DIRECTLY solicit your advice, you really REALLY need to keep it to yourself. It’s offensive; it is not helpful like you think it will be, it just alienates everyone. My lesson has been learned and I only give my opinion on my own blogs now. I never tell another business person a “great idea” for THEIR business because I’ve come to recognize, that it is NONE OF MINE. Perhaps back on the playground many moons ago it was said best M.Y.O.B.. Good advice then, and it still is….just saying!

Kelly Fuller Logan is a successful Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Single Mom. A co-owner of Fuller's Floral & Gift Shoppe, in Gap Pennsylvania. Kelly is also a Marketing Consultant through the Quality Flowers Club and a Realtor at Century 21 Precision Realty in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

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Kelly Fuller Logan

Kelly Fuller Logan is a successful Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Single Mom. A co-owner of Fuller's Floral & Gift Shoppe, in Gap Pennsylvania. Kelly is also a Marketing Consultant through the Quality Flowers Club and a Realtor at Century 21 Precision Realty in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

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Carol Fuller

Absolutely positively TRUE!! You are a great marketing genius and you bubble over with ideas about everyone’s business we meet…how this idea would help increase their sales, how that program would give them a better bottom line, you are ALWAYS thinking of something to share…I am just happy to see that you have curbed your enthusiasm and put all of that creative juice to work marketing your OWN business… and…those who are smart will tap into what you know and those who don’t weren’t worth your time in the first place.

michelle camo
michelle camo

Wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing this very informative articles. Looking forward to more articles that we could learn a lot of things.