The 5 Best Social Media Marketing and Advertising Websites

The 5 Best Social Media Marketing and Advertising Websites

Many will describe social media marketing as an art form, involving both imaginative and technical skill. Business owners and entrepreneurs need the right insights, trends, strategy and advice to master it. Social media sites do offer their own marketing tools. However, social media marketing solutions can better help to effectively streamline the process.

Constantly driving an advertisement and sales message does not work with social media consumers. Brands need to adopt a relationship-building approach. There are a large number of social sites that a business can use to further marketing efforts, connecting with clients and consumers. However, just because the social media site exists does not mean you should be using it. Don’t you agree?

My list of the top best social media marketing and advertising sites can help you avoid many social media marketing mistakes, and avoid unnecessary costs. The list will help you navigate information or services and determine the best suited to your needs, including increasing reach, traffic and leads.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising
Ignite Social Media was built with a 100% focus on social media marketing. Their team includes strategists, content creators, web developers and promotions specialists working together to provide brands with a holistic approach. Services include application development, blogging reputation, profile creation, podcasting and social network strategies.
Scott Monty Strategies provides insights into social media marketing. Scott Monty acknowledges there is a long list of gurus, ninjas, and so-called social media experts out there. However, Scott believes expert status is something that must be earned.

Scott is someone with a wealth experience, and has been featured in many news and business publications in print and the web, books, and on mainstream media, including Bloomberg, NBC, NPR, CNN, Fox Business and more.
Sentiment approaches social media as a way to communicate, not a form of media. They provide tools for monitoring social media mentions and assign “positive”, “negative”, or “neutral” to statuses and mentions. The purpose is to understand a brand’s online reputation. They provide an easy to use, flexible platform that works perfectly for agencies, and outsourced operations with multiple clients.
BUZZPLANT is a social media and digital marketing agency, based in Franklin Tennessee. You will want to sign up for their newsletter to get some great advice and information. However, as an agency, they take a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach that even includes “Street Teams” for real world word-of-mouth marketing. If you are looking to go viral, you will want to check these guys out.
Having been in internet marketing and online communities since 1995, Face Marketing knows what works and what doesn’t. They Offer social media strategies, webinars, education and training on web marketing specifically for travel related companies. However, their blog is a wealth of information for anyone interested in social media marketing.

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