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Christmas Decors Made with Recycled Materials  


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December 8, 2017 4:08 pm  

When I was in high school, I remember the preparations we are doing sixty days before Christmas Day. Traditionally, we used to decorate our classroom with various Christmas decors. These decors are all made with recycled materials. For this reason, we can save our money and at the same time, it is environmentally friendly. Our teacher used to encourage us to be more creative with our arts. Here are two sample Christmas decors that can be made with recycled materials:

1. Christmas Tree
The tree we used is usually dead branches and twigs of trees fastened together to form the Christmas tree shape. Some are made of broomsticks, old umbrella, thick tie wires, and ropes (for hanging Christmas tree). Countless decors made with recycled materials can be decorated around Christmas tree.

2. Christmas Wreath and Lantern
We used old newspaper, plastics, bottles, foil, corks, straw, and some indigenous materials such as coconut husks, shell, leaves, and spathe.

What about yours? What other Christmas decors you can suggest made with recycled materials?


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