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Creating Quality Website Content  


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December 10, 2017 9:17 am  

What is website content?

Website content is a piece of articles written and a comprehensive selection of write-ups based on a particular interest and suitable for getting rankings in search engines.

Content creation is the most vital aspect in building a website and getting search engine rankings. It's a great determining factor for running a blog successfully and building a brand online. Search engines feed on content and rank any website based on content building parameters.

How To Write Great Content

The following steps will help you write a good content for your website.

i. Keyword Search Tool: The success of your brand depends solely on your ability to write creative and highly engaging content using a keyword search tool. Google and other search engines consider certain parameters prior to ranking your content. The selection of the right keyword is the first parameter to be considered.

ii. Post Length: The length of each of your blog posts matters a lot for getting a good rank in search engines. It helps you gain link popularity for your blog in a short period of time.

Keyword Search Statistics

While preparing to write content for your website, you must make use of the following keyword search statistics.

* The keyword search competition must be lower than 100. The lower the competition, the higher the rankings!

* The SEO power to be considered must exceed 90%.

* The overall monthly searches must be 30 or greater.

In conclusion, the parameters stated above and the keyword search statistics are the major factors that bring about excellent and quality content.

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December 11, 2017 10:28 am  

Creating a quality website content is really a challenging and a very tough task to fulfill. It  really needs a lot of of hard work and patience to really achieve success. I really appreciated this article since it is very informative  in details that all the needed information that a certain soon to be Content creator is already there. It entails here the different aspect and factors to be considered if one is planning to achieve quality content for a website.  

Timothy Alexander
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December 11, 2017 1:51 pm  

Things like keyword research and post length are important for SEO. However, from my point of view, quality content comes down to providing valuable information. That, above all else, is what will drive engagement.  

Israel Kayode
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December 11, 2017 3:28 pm  

In starting with content creation, it's great to learn about keyword search tools and how to leverage them for making quality and engaging contents. This is paramount to running a blog successfully and it's the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

When it comes to getting traffic and earning consistent revenue online, there's no shortcut to achieving this other than leveraging the keyword search tool to make content and ensuring that post count is up to standard for SEO. 

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December 13, 2017 1:48 pm  

Post length is quite important but you should never try to write more just because you want to increase the length of your content. Just because your post is a certain length does not mean that it automatically becomes a quality piece of content that readers will absolutely love to read. A 500 word article that is interesting and has been written well will do much better with both Google and your readers than a 1000 word article that has been poorly written and is not at all interesting for your blog readers to spend time reading.


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