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Making Money With Your Blog  


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December 10, 2017 9:46 am  

Making money with a blog has never been easier. Using a WordPress blog theme and customizing the blog with your own .com domain is the best way to make money online. The WordPress platform is the blogging platform that uses the greatest SEO technology in the world and can help you become a successful entrepreneur.

There are hundreds of blog templates that you can use for creating a brandable website. The WordPress All-in-one SEO pack will help you a lot in getting rankings quickly as you build content for your blog.

Once your WordPress blog is well set up, it's time to monetize it and begin earning consistent revenue. The key to earning revenue from your blog is based on the rankings it receives from Google and other search engines.

Ways To Earn Revenue From Your Blog

i. Affiliate Marketing: Once your blog starts receiving rankings, you have the highest potential in the world to earn online revenue. You may sign up to affiliate marketing networks such as Amazon, Paydotcom, Commission Junction and lots more.

ii. Google AdSense: The traffic you receive from search engines is the greatest earning potential you can have to make money from the AdSense program. You will continue earning even when you are sleeping.


Israel Kayode
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December 11, 2017 5:28 pm  

Making money with a blog is a kind of discussion every serious entrepreneur would always like to engage and participate in. A blog, once properly set up, can open doors to unlimited and regular flow of income for life. 

There are hundreds of ways to earn legitimately online and avoid getting scammed for life. You may join one or more affiliate programs online and promote certain products or services to earn undue commissions from the companies directly.  

Timothy Alexander
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December 12, 2017 6:54 am  

A blog website can make money, but it is tough to make a significant income. A blogger needs multiple revenue streams. Google Adsense provides little revenue unless one has massive traffic and a low bounce rate. Affiliate links can work well if done right, but many bloggers seem to get a little spammy with it. Another option is becoming a freelance writer and creating content for others. Regardless, like everything, it takes time and a lot of work.

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December 12, 2017 3:38 pm  

@timothyalex I agree with you in that too many links and ads can make a blog look spammy because they want to maximize their potential. You have to remember that ads and links should be secondary to content, where people tend to do it the other way around.

With my own blogs, I'm careful that there aren't too many in one go and I break it up with say an Instagram or Twitter feed, and I put some banners at the foot of the page as well. I personally find it off putting if a page is packed with ads and so many links so I won't do it to my readers. Even though I have some high profile affiliates, the bounce rate is low because people are savvy and use cashback sites to get that bit extra back. Even friends who read my website will buy via TopCashBack or a similar site and I understand, and give them a choice to use my link or not.

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December 13, 2017 2:10 pm  

Both affiliate marketing and Google Adsense are great ways to make money from your blog. Affiliate marketing is great because you can actually make quite a lot of money from it if you do it correctly and create an extremely large blog that has a lot of visitors. If done correctly, the amount of money you can make can be great and it's not too difficult either because it can become a bit of a passive income. With affiliate marketing, you can create a few posts about the product for example and then you can just leave it. With Adsense, you have to ensure that your blog gets visitors to ensure that you make money from your visitors.


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