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Team Building Exercises  


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December 7, 2017 4:01 pm  

I'm not sure how often companies and businesses actually do team building exercises or if they do any at all, to be honest. Do you think that they can actually help build better relationships between employees and thus improve their work? Or do you think that they are just a waste of time which could be spent actually doing work to help the business? Personally, I believe that they can be quite effective especially if they are done correctly. The added bonus is that sometimes you can class them as a bit of a treat and allow your employees to relax a bit. Have you ever done any team building exercises to help employee relationships?

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December 8, 2017 10:21 am  

Team building exercises is one of the best strategy to have closer relationship between employees and the employer. I do believe that it contributes great affection and confidence on the part of the employee. It boosted the morale and trust of the employee to a certain level. Employees realize that the company value them as an important asset in the organization not  just like a machine that will keep on working. This is not really a waste of time since both of them learned something, one of these is realizing their own unique attitudes toward each other since there is a big difference in the working environment are as compare to the external environment where they can make different activities. Another is that employees will become more motivated to work since they will realize that the company is doing something for their own improvements and satisfaction.

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December 8, 2017 5:49 pm  

In my last office job, team building was Friday lunch at the pub and it really bonded people. We also went for drinks after work and that also worked. I think the kind where you go on courses and do team building can be effective, but these days most people are on short term contracts, are contractors or freelance and as such aren't obliged to go.

I feel that these days if you don't fit or try to fit into a team then you can be replaced quite easily, therefore, I don't think team building exercises are as important as they once were. I had an awful HR manager that tried to do this with the office every Friday and we all hated her, and if anything we resented the fact we were all forced to do it on a Friday afternoon when we had deadlines and weren't allowed to work. Sometimes HR managers insist on these things so they look as if they have a job. They don't always work either because people will say and do whatever just to get by and keep the peace.


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