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How to avoid wrinkles  


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December 5, 2017 4:18 pm  

In the beauty industry (I used to work on a beauty counter) we call then fine lines or expression lines, because no one likes to call them wrinkles. How wrinkles occur is due to a lack of water in the skin and also excess rubbing. For lines around the mouth, people do say if you smile or laugh too much them you will get lines around the mouth, but I don't think that's quite true as long as you take care of your skin.

Another thing to watch out for is the sun because it dehydrates the skin faster, thus leads to a lack of water in the skin so it feels tight and leads to lines forming. If you wear eye makeup daily and remove it daily and rub the eye area, that can lead to wrinkles too. That's why you see people who like tan with lots more wrinkles.

So, to avoid wrinkles and lines forming, always cleanse without rubbing or pulling the skin. I recommend a cleansing oil that dissolves away the dirt or a cream cleanser that also locks in moisture. Follow with a hydrating toner such as rosewater as that replenishes the water in the skin and rebalances the pH in the skin after cleansing, and follow with a moisture cream or lotion. Another tip is to pat products into the skin and not to pull the skin.

It goes without saying always use a sunscreen on the face and neck, and if you remove eye makeup use an oil based remover, soak a cotton pad and wipe downwards to avoid tugging the skin. A mistake many make is to rub and wipe sideways and that causes wrinkles around the eye area because the skin is so fragile and thin, and so will wrinkle much faster. I personally have stopped wearing eye makeup unless it's an occasion, because the less you mess around with your eye area, the less chance of wrinkles you will have. Once you get a wrinkle, you can't undo it, so prevention is better than cure.


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