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Investing in face masks  


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December 9, 2017 10:35 am  

When I used to work on a beauty counter, one product women were reluctant to buy or invest in were face masks. If anything, to have good skin and to prevent aging I would say invest in a good exfoliator and a mask. There are so many different kinds, one that you can leave on overnight that are easy, sheet masks that you take off after 10-20 minutes (the longer the better), peel off, and rinse off masks.

What they do is add a concentrated amount of hydration into the skin or a clay one that pulls out toxins, so it clears and feeds the skin a bit like a detox. If you don't have time or are too lazy then an overnight mask is ideal, all you have to do is put a layer on before you sleep and then cleanse the next morning. I recommend a mask three times a week to keep your skin in tip top shape, and at least once a week if you really don't have time. You will see and feel the difference.


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