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December 5, 2017 6:29 pm  

I am in love with skin care. I love to read/research about skin care products and try them personally. It started when I experienced pimple breakout, I was bullied and lost my confidence back then. So, I became cautious about how to take care of my skin. But what captures my attention the most is The Cashew Cream it is not something that used to remove pimples or wrinkles. Cashew Cream helps removes warts, unwanted mole skin tags, syringoma and more.

Cashew Cream was discovered by a Filipino and is now using by Dermatologist around the world for non-surgical procedure. The Cashew Cream main ingredient came from cashew nut. I did some extensive researched about it before trying it out personally without any professional supervision. Cashew Cream is safe and easy to use but you need to follow the right instruction so you can achieve the best result. It removes unwanted skin imperfections painless (just a little sting or tingling sensation but totally tolerable, its like a small ant just bitten you) and fast (within an hour or less). It will leave a light scar that will diminished over the time.

My experienced (tried it with my mom's wart, skin tags on her face and a huge mole on her back)

I bought the product from a local shop. It came from a very small jar (5ml) I mixed the Cashew Cream with a Cashew oil using a tooth pick, be careful and do not touch it directly with your bare hands. The small part of my finger seems to be burned when the mixed product leaked from the jar. When that happens just quickly put some water on it to stop the effect. I thought that the 5ml cream was not enough for every skin problems my mom wanted to be removed but it turns out that it is actually more than enough. I managed to removed 1 huge mole, a skin tags, 5 syringoma and some warts from my mom's skin.

Materials needed aside from the cashew cream itself are just toothpick, alcohol for disinfectant, cotton balls and water... oh! and do not forget the timer.

Procedure (At home):

Using the alcohol disinfect the toothpick that you are going to use and the area on your face or body that are affected. (I would advice to remove one piece of your mole/warts/skin tags... at a time and wait for a day or two before removing others especially if the space between them are quite close.)

Put a small amount of the cream using a toothpick directly to the problem area, make sure that all parts are covered with the cream. Leave the cream for at least 15-30minutes depending on the type of problem you have. While the process is on going, if you see the cream is drying up drop some alcohol to it just enough to bring cashew cream back to its original form (Do not put so much alcohol on it, just a droplet is enough. You can use a cotton with alcohol and gently squeeze a droplet from it) continue the process whenever you see the cream is drying up. After 15-30minutes gently wipe the cream off your skin using a cotton with water. You will see the problem comes off from your skin.

The procedure also varies depends on the type of imperfections you want to remove. But in most cases you can just repeat that procedure up to 3 times until the problem was removed.



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