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What Is Bootstrap Financing?  


Timothy Alexander
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November 29, 2017 8:07 am  

For the entrepreneur, bootstrap financing is likely the safest and least costly methods for funding. Essentially, it is using little to no outside money to start, build, and grow a new business. So, an entrepreneur is bootstrapping when he/she either uses personal finances or the company's own revenue to establish and expand their startup. 

Ways of bootstrapping:

  • Factoring - Selling off your accounts receivable to create cash flow.
  • Trade Credit - Having a supplier or vendor advancing products under favorable terms, such as 60 -or 90-day payments.
  • Customers -  Using pre-orders as a form of credit to purchase materials. Another example is the contractor having a customer pay a portion up front, and make additional payments as work progresses, and using the money to buy materials and pay employees.
  • Real Estate - Selling, renting out, or mortgaging real estate is another common method for acquiring startup capital.
  • Leasing- Rather than outright buying equipment, leasing equipment can help to keep cash liquid. 

While bootstrapping typically will not generate quick profits, it does tend to produce good long-term cost management and peace of mind. Also, since you are not relying on outside funding, the entrepreneur does not have to worry about investors. Nevertheless, because of the risks, you do need to closely manage your startup.

What are your thoughts or ideas about bootstrapping a new business? 

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December 3, 2017 1:59 am  

Bootstrapping could be beneficial to the removed link I think it would be advisable to small businesses rather than the big removed link Small business could use this type of method to generate inside resources especially the real estate and removed link I’m not advising large businesses not to use it but outside resources is a must for them to removed link Factoring and trade credit are essential to generate cash flows from the operation of the business and many had been using removed link For a new business I would suggest using bootstrapping and for those who have limited capital I would recommend renting or removed link The trade credit and about the customers mentioned above too are others you’ll need to removed link But beware not to greatly rely on it since it is not advisable for the long removed link


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