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What is your favorite dish that you cook?  


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December 5, 2017 10:50 pm  

 I know for sure that most of us have its own favorite dishes with it comes to cooking. If I will be asked with my favorite I would choose Adobo,  it is one of the best dishes in our country that even other nations starting to love it. It is made  of pork of chicken or pig with a combination of vinegar, soy sauce and some other spices. It is mainly perfect with rice and a couple of cold drinks, it taste good and for sure you will be eager to taste it again for the second time.

It is pleasure to know more about your favorite dishes, I will be glad if you will share it to us.

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December 6, 2017 5:01 pm  

My favorite dish is pesto linguine where I add mushrooms and spinach to it  with a few chili flakes too. As much as I love fresh pesto, it can get a bit messy to make so I will admit to using a jar, but the trick is to cook the pasta well, not too soggy and gently stir in the pesto to coat the stands of pasta. Ideally, I would also use fresh pasta, but dried pasta works equally well. Also from a cost perspective it's cheaper but tastes as good.

In a separate pan, I sauté onions, or shallots, then add sliced mushrooms and season (porcini or shitake are good) with olive oil until nearly browned. Next, add the spinach that will wilt into the mixture and leave for a few minutes and cover.  I prefer to mix the mushrooms into the pasta, but some people prefer  to add the mushroom mixture on top of the pasta. Either way, then add black pepper and some chili flakes, and if I have any some truffle oil which can make a dish, I add that too. If you've not tried truffle oil, it's wonderful but very rich so use it sparingly.


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