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Goodbye New Year's resolution, hello New Year List!  


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December 26, 2017 1:58 am  

Every year we're asked what is our New Year's resolution and every year end also, we know we didn't really fulfilled any of that and it's pointless now to even plan on creating one again. So what I am proposing is making a list of the things that you should be doing with the coming year to improve yourself and your whole life as a whole. I only made 3 and I assure you these are not hard to do. And I suggest you just do

  • Spend a day for yourself.

You might find yourself too busy to even do a simple walk at your local park or somewhere just to give yourself a break. But I suggest you do this even if you're too busy at least once a month. I am not talking about the holiday trips you do every year or that shopping splurge to treat yourself or the big slice of a decadent cake you really love, but what I'm saying is the simple pleasures. Treat yourself to that. A simple walk on the beach, or in the woods, play a musical instrument if you know one, take the dog for a walk or run, those things that do not even require any price to enjoy are the best break you will give yourself. Find that one thing you wish to do alone that puts a smile on your face and do it at least once in a month and I assure you that'll give you a good release from all the hard work you're doing.

  • Feed your mind.

Meditate. If you're not doing this on a regular basis, it's about time you squeeze this in your routine. Meditation helps our body, mind and spirit. It works like a reboot in a long running computer. Meditation has so many benefits and one of them is reeling you away from depression, ease your stress and anxiety, builds your focus and concentration, fosters a healthy body image and increases compassion. It targets the body, mind and spirit all at once. It doesn't matter if you do it only for a couple of minutes, but as long as you do it, at least once in a month for starters, then you'll find yourself getting all the benefits that meditation gives you. Just look for that peaceful place you can sit comfortably and meditate. How to do it, there are simple methods you'll find in the internet to start from and I'm telling you, this has helped me focus.

Lastly, and for me also an essential thing that you must add to your life this coming 2018:

  • Share in to the World.

Extend yourself to others by doing good deeds. I know we do this more than we think of, but what I'm telling here is helping others aside from our loved ones and family. Extend your helping hand to others. Be involved personally and share what you can. Helping others is not always about giving donations or money or things or food, but rather, we can give back by sharing our talents in helping others without expecting anything in return.  Go out every day with a goal of reaching out to someone in need of help. It may not be something grand, just simple help, but when you have this goal, you'll spread a positive vibe that will be contagious.

So what do you say? Can you ditch the new year's resolution and replace it with 3 things to do this 2018? At least doing these once a month will change a whole lot inside of you.


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