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What phone do you have?  


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December 4, 2017 1:40 pm  

What phone do you guys currently have? Are you happy with it and if not what phone would you like to have? I currently have a Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 and I love it a removed link It's a perfect size, I believe the same size as the S7 and it just looks beautiful as well (I picked it up in Gold). It has decent specifications for a mid range phone as removed link I am currently on contract although that ends sometime in June 2018 which is when I will switch over to a brand new removed link I'm not sure if any new phones that appeal to me will come out then but if not I am thinking of getting either the Galaxy S8 or the Pixel removed link

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December 5, 2017 1:53 am  

I'd been a loyal product user of samsung since high school and now I'm planning to turn to Iphone. Why you say? Well I think it's time to have taste of another. I'd been a satisfied and happy user of samsung mobile devices but my head was recently turned by iphones. I actually fell in love with the design that looks so smooth and elegant. I already do my own research about the specs and it addresses my needs so I think its perfect. I'm eyeing for the Iphone 7 which fits better with the hands. You'd probably wondering why 7 instead of 8 or X. The reason is simple and silly, there's no available rose gold in 8 or even X and 7 is the latest iphone which has one. Though they said that the gold color looks very much of a rose gold for me it's still very far from it.

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December 5, 2017 9:02 am  

I have the Samsung Galaxy S8. I'm happy with it, but I kinda wish I waited for the Note 8. I absolutely love Samsung devices. My last phone was the Note 3 and the only reason I upgraded was that I wanted to get NumberSync for my Samsung Gear. Other smartphones that I have owned seemed design to start glitching by the end of a 2-year contract. My Note 3 was going strong until the very end, which is how I became a loyal Samsung customer.  

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December 5, 2017 10:10 am  

My brother used to work for Samsung, so I have a small collection of devices. I have a Galaxy S6 which I am happy with as I hate changing phones as it's a pain. Although I like Macs I don't want an iPhone mainly because I prefer to use my laptop and I don't want to synch everything. My tablets are all Samsung too, but to be honest I use them really to watch videos and to read e-books. I actually keep all my old phones and my brother does too, so in our parents home there are boxes of old phones that maybe museum pieces one day.


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