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Why do you use smartphone?  


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December 3, 2017 2:20 am  

Almost everyone has one like it’s a removed link Smartphone could be used for personal purposes and business advantage but it would be advisable to have separate one for each of the two since no one wanted to mix his privacy with removed link Personal smartphone could function as a stream of communication, shopping, gaming, reading, writing, watching and everything you removed link In business it involves communication to your potential customers, clients, suppliers, employees and other persons related to your business while observing formality and removed link You must be also willing to disseminate your communication line so people could readily reach and contact you and that is something you couldn’t do with your personal line since you want privacy of removed link

Timothy Alexander
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December 3, 2017 7:12 pm  

I actually have two lines for my smartphone. The purpose was for one number to be for personal and the other for business.  Yet, I still primarily only use one. I don't know why. It is easy enough to switch between the two.

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December 5, 2017 12:49 am  

I remember the reply of my 8-year old cousin when I asked him about man's basic needs. "Food, shelter, clothing, and smartphone". Indeed! Nowadays, the smartphone becomes one among various indispensable device of our generation. It is powerful that it can have several functions. Equipped with a good internet connection, it is the most convenient tools used for communication, business, learning and research, entertainment, and documentation. Through a smartphone, we can communicate with our loved ones and even with our boss 24-hours. Distance is not an issue at all. Also through a smartphone, working becomes easy. We can manage our business by just one click. We can pay bills, send money, and transact something in just split of a second. The smartphone is our 20-volumes encyclopedia and our thousand pages dictionary. It is our morning newspaper, our fashion magazine, and our screen for movies and trending videos. We can play our favorite game anywhere and anytime. We can keep important records and capture precious moments of our lives.

Now, if you want to ask me why I use a smartphone, I will stick to my cousin's answer.

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December 5, 2017 5:11 am  

My brother has worked in the industry since it began with the the first cellphone, so I have been fortunate to try just about every phone. I actually put off using a smartphone for years, mainly because of security issues, but now it's no longer a choice if you want to work in the modern environment. You need to be able to take photos, upload them, use apps, and instant message which you can't do on a basic phone.

I do still have basic phones which I like to use for texting and calls only. The battery lasts much longer and are good for emergencies. The problem with smartphones are the size, also I'm afraid of the screen getting scratched, plus if you use apps and media images then the battery goes much faster. I simply have to know how to use a smartphone these days, as it's convenient and expected, but I still like to use my basic phones when I travel because I know the battery will last for days and I won't freak out if I can't charge it.


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