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December 9, 2017 4:00 pm  

Most people, myself included like to buy food to enjoy at the cinema whilst watching films but the problem is that the food at the cinema is usually extremely expensive. Because of that, people decide to either completely skip eating food or buying from stores outside and then taking it in. Do you guys buy food from the cinema? I tend to just go to the supermarket next door, buy my food and then take it in because the cinema I go to doesn't have any rules regarding bringing food from outside.

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December 9, 2017 4:48 pm  

You're lucky your local cinema doesn't mind you bringing in snacks because now you can be asked to leave if you are found eating food not bought in the venue. I was in a huge multiplex once after doing some shopping, and as I missed my bus decided to watch a film. The usher wouldn't let me take any of my food shopping in with me and made me leave it with him, and we're talking two bags that is a weekly shop.

These days I just prefer to eat before I go in, not because I'm cheap, but because the options are really quite dire. As a kid I would always buy ice cream or sweets with pocket money at the interval, and share with my brother. Such good times and happy memories and the refreshments were affordable. Now, they are priced to make a large profit, and the food served is not fresh. I once did an event at a cinema and at the end of the night they keep the old popcorn and reheat and mix it in with the new stuff. Always buy bagged popcorn as at least you know it's fresh.


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