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The Last Jedi  


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December 7, 2017 2:19 pm  

As a huge Star Wars fan who was around when it first came out, I'm not exactly excited by this film that is due out next week. It'll take some convincing for me to go because The Force Awakens was so bad, it put me off the films. I hated the prequels that were contrived and clumsy, and they were better than it which says a lot.

I'm not feeling any of the new characters at all, and the last film was saved by Chewie and Han only just. I know Luke will feature more, but I can't bear Daisy Ridley pulling faces and the son of Han and Leia, going dark, really? Will you see it or wait for the reviews? My brother will tell me his verdict as we have watched them together since we were kids, but the original trilogy will always be the best.

I also hate how they have renamed the episodes and I have the original video tapes when there were only three, and they were just named Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. I think many of us wish that it had stayed that way too, however, money talks and it'll make money but being classed as a classic film is something money cannot buy.


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