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Foods your Dogs should never eat  


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December 6, 2017 4:16 am  

Hello fury parents! 🙂 

I have a total of 8 dogs, majority of them were adopted. When my dog died about 2 years ago because of kidney failure I became more cautious on what to feed my dogs. I always make sure to give them a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

These are the list of foods that you should avoid giving your dogs.


There is an image that was built with dog and a piece of bone. It became there symbol. But did you know that it is bad for dogs? Bones can cause your dogs to choke or worse it can cut your dogs digestive system.

Fat trims

Sometimes can be acceptable especially if just a bite but if you give your dog fat trims regularly he will suffer pancreatitis in no time.

Raw Food

Fish, meat even eggs if not cooked is dangerous for dogs. They can have salmonella or get food poison.

Onions and garlic

These are the common spices that we usually use. But giving food that has onions and garlic to your dog isn't a good idea. A little is tolerable but more can cause your dog to have anemia or to be poisoned.


Salty foods aren't good for dogs it can cause vomiting, depression, seizure or death.


This fruit is something you need to avoid giving your dog. Even just a piece of it can cause your dog to vomit over and over again.

Macadamia nuts

Some of it can greatly give bad effects to your dogs. It can weaken their hind legs muscles, vomiting and can cause their temperature to rise.


This can be found in toothpaste, candies or gums. Xylithol can cause your dog's blood sugar level to drop or liver failure.


Majority of people knew that chocolate is bad for your dogs. It can send your dogs to a fatal situation.


You can't give your dog any type of alcohol. Please humans can barely tolerate it's effect, what more your dog?

If you know more foods that our beloved pooches should avoid, kindly share them below.


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December 13, 2017 12:03 pm  

Also, I would like to add that food which contains MSG (monosodium glutamate) will instantly kill your dog. Foods that contain MSG are junked foods, instant noodles, and any food that has "Vetsin" powder (Ajinomoto product) added on it. A small amount might have no effect but better safe than to say goodbye to your cute puppy.


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