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Deciding on a name  


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December 9, 2017 10:50 am  

A friend of mine was searching for a name for his new business venture and most of us kept shook at heads at what was on the table. I did give several suggestions, and one day I had an idea and sent him a text. He decided he loved it and it's a company that is running today. I came up with the name as it was easy to remember and theĀ  .com was available and described the business.

For my own websites and businesses I have always looked at what other businesses use similar names. One of my companies when I began didn't have anything similar to it, but now there are and I let the .com go (now someone is squatting it) as I hadĀ  the .org . Part of me kicks myself, but since there are so many other extensions there is no way I could afford them all now, as back then there were just . net, .org, .com. and . biz.

Look for a name that people will remember and can spell easily. One of my original sites had a latin name which although meant something, wasn't a term many thought was a real word! You have to think about the masses and that their attention span is short. Also make it quirky and memorable and make sure no one else has anything similar, so do a search beforehand on all platforms including blogger where there are lots of dormant websites.


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