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December 5, 2017 10:05 pm  

This is a personal/family experienced. I want to share it to inspire and open the eyes of everyone that starting up a business is not impossible.

My parents both came from families of farmers. But unluckily they both didn't have the chance to finish their courses in college. When they got married, they decided to start their lives in Metro Manila (Capital of Philippines). My father had a hard time looking for a regular job, my mom at that time found a job that produces handcrafts. My dad then became a junk collector, he collects different junk that can be sell in a junk shop. He walks tirelessly around the streets of Mega Manila. Since my mom knows how to save, they managed to save enough money to afford a second hand tricycle. It became my dad's second job to drive the tricycle every night after he collects junk. Then my older brother was born, my parents managed to add 2 more tricycles after few years and found drivers that pays them for using the tricycles.

My father got sick after few years, my parents did not have any choice but to sell every properties they have just to sustain my father's medical needs and they kind a need to move out of the house they were renting since they can't pay for it anymore. A relative let them stay at their place for the mean time while my dad's still recovering. My mother's job is the only source of income they have at that time and it is so fortunate that they survived that challenged after a year. My parents started again. My dad got a job in a hotel as security guard, and same with the method they did, they managed to save money even if it took them years. My second brother was born after the tragedy struck my parents. They got their first house, and then after a couple of more years they saved enough money to buy a piece of land in the province. My dad's said that the price of the land before was a lot cheaper. My Grandparents who lives in the province managed the land and turned it into a rice farm. Every profit that they earned from the farm was being saved to buy another piece of land. My father then went back to drive a tricycle that they bought using the profit of the farm. The Family of 4 grew and I was born.

The Farm at that time faces some problems because of the weather and pests. My parents then consider availing some loans in the Bank. The loans helped them recover. Until now they have loans. Loans that they used when they bought forward truck when they bought SUV's and franchise for utility vehicles, loans that they used to buy a house and sell them again just to get the profit of it.

Now, my parents owned few real estate properties. Have their rice mills, tricycles and SUV's both for public transportation. I was inspired how they survived everything without asking any help from their parents financially. I wanted to do the same as well, that is why as much as possible i am trying my best to be independent.

I got their idea when they franchise a utility vehicle. I thought it was a safer move since the market will be the one looking for your vehicle. Even if the income was fix every month because you will only get the money from your driver's boundary, it was fine since it can sustain more than my primary needs and it pays the loan as well. Plus the fact that it is the type of business that does not require too much effort and time. Like most people, my savings was not enough. I was just on my early twenties back then, but it did not stop me to avail a loan. It was hard at first since the bank wanted an assurance that I am capable of paying the loan. I talked to the one in charged and show them my proposal. Luckily after coming back and forth to the bank my loan got approved. After 5 long years I finished paying the loan. Now that I built a trustworthy bond with the bank, I know that every process will be more easier.

But I don't rely everything in the UV, I am still a freelancer. I am thankful for the income the UV is giving me but I still wanted to explore my strength and capabilities. Lastly, I have 8 dogs so my expenses is pretty high. haha! 🙂

Hope that my somehow my story helps! 🙂


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