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How To Create Campaigns On Google Adwords  


Israel Kayode
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December 14, 2017 3:10 am  

Google Adwords is a paid advertising network whereby you pay for advertisements after receiving the traffic. When it comes to getting traffic and earning consistent revenue online, it's great to use both Google Adwords and other forms of advertising to get results quickly and get rolling right away. To start creating campaigns on Google Adwords and receiving free advertising credits, follow the steps below:

Create The Campaign Title: The title of your campaign is the text containing three or more words which appears at the top of the ads that shows up in search engines for your campaigns. Your website address is included in the ads and is clickable for any visitor who wishes to visit your site. 

Set Your Budget: Having created a great title for your campaign, it's time to set a daily budget. This is the amount you will be spending daily for the traffic you receive. Though some advertisers spend huge amounts daily, it's good to start as little as you will be willing to spend daily and increase this later. 

Select Keywords For Your Campaign: In trying to choose keywords for your campaigns, it's great to use the keyword search tool in order to pick low competitive keywords for all of your campaigns. 

Activate Your Account and Submit Billing Details: To activate your account, you simply need to log in your gmail account and verify. Your Adwords account is then reviewed and approved. Upon receiving approval, you will be required to submit billing details. 


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