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Facebook to crack down on posts asking for likes, tags, or comments  


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December 19, 2017 12:47 pm  

They call it 'engagement baiting' where posts ask for likes, comments, tags, or shares and finally Facebook are cracking down on it. I for one never ask, but place the icons after an article so people can opt to 'like' it or to share it.

Apparently they won't delete them, but they will get demoted so that spammy posts won't get so high up on a feed. I wish they could do that with trolls, even though people say not to engage or to feed the trolls by responding. The aim is to reduce fake likes, and click and bait which is my pet peeve online.

Will it work though? I for one am glad it's being addressed as a problem where people are doing this. Maybe other platforms will follow suit?


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