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Have you ever tried using business application or software?  


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December 6, 2017 4:20 am  

If you're looking for an accounting software I would recommend Quickbooks, it is mainly suggested for small and medium-sized businesses. It could shelter all your records and generates financial statement in a monthly, quarterly or annual basis or whatever you prefer. Quickbooks could also handle payments and payroll functions. They are consistently updating the version of the software and continuously improving for better functions according to demands of users. I was quite nervous at first while learning Quickbooks, scared that I might damage the records if I click the wrong icon but once you had the gist of it you could navigate confidently. Another application I had tried is the Audit Command Language or ACL, it is actually an auditing software used by auditors. The software is used to audit the already existing records of your business to find irregularities of transactions. It will detect if you had recorded a transaction more than once or had paid the same supplier twice.

Yes, accounting knowledge is a must to maximize the functions of Quickbooks and ACL since they are mainly created for accounting purposes but having this type of knowledge doesn't guarantee that you know all the way to both software. Of course you also need to learn about the functions of the icons and buttons as well as the commands so you could apply all your accounting knowledge. Have you ever tried any of the two? What other sofware or business application have you used and tried before?


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