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Providing good quality products or services  


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December 6, 2017 2:11 am  

 A certain business should always consider a quality products or services since it is one of the most valid reasons why customer is keep coming back  to a certain store. It must have a better quality at  a better  price since most of the customers prefer on the quality itself rather than the price of a certain commodity. Making such an idea would give them an advantage over its competitors, since some business provide products or services that sometimes are  very poor in quality as long as it is cheap to attract customers. But, I think it should not be the right way or the practice that should be make. It is always worthwhile to provide the best for the customers to gain loyalty and customer satisfaction.

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December 7, 2017 4:19 pm  

It's something that you have to think about when you start a business I guess. I know there are a few businesses that try to focus more on price over quality which can work if done properly. Obviously, it doesn't matter what price you sell it at, if the quality is extremely poor then you won't be able to sell any but compromising a bit of quality to keep prices low can work for businesses. But it might be wise for certain businesses to focus on the quality of your products/services than the price because it can create a good brand image for your business and your customer will know that they are getting a quality product/service from you.

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December 8, 2017 12:23 am  

This is the core of any business. Good services and good products. You should always know what you are selling. In this way, you can thoroughly explain why your product sells more than the competitors and what are its differences and advantages against other similar products. It is also essential to be always honest about your products. It may not be known immediately to customers but they will eventually know that you somehow trick them if you try to alter your product description.

Not so long ago, I am an authorized dealer of a certain construction material. My product is a little bit pricey compared to the rest of the other products and so I did sell another product in case the clients want a cheaper choice. But I end up always selling the best stuff because I was able to honestly differentiate the two products. Telling only what they can provide and the future expectations you must know about.

In the end, a business may be sold by a good advertisement and will garner a lot of prospective clients. But what will hold your business to stay long is the quality of your products and the honesty of your services. I think this is the right path to take when you want something to last in the business world. 

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December 8, 2017 10:58 am  

Selling good quality products and offering a good service is pretty much a given if you want to be successful. If you sell shoddy goods or provide bad service then even if it's cheap people will not choose a company unless they have no choice.

The best companies offer price matching and also good customer service as in ease of returns for faulty items. Reputation counts, it's not merely enough just to sell good quality items, you need the service too support that too.


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