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Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant?  


Timothy Alexander
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November 30, 2017 1:18 pm  

If you perform a search for information on effective marketing, you are typically presented a list of articles exposing the need and effectiveness of digital marketing, social media marketing, and inbound marketing. It will have many wondering if traditional marketing is still relevant. This type of marketing includes things like telephone books, in-print newspaper, and magazine ads, radio, and television.

As most people over 30 remember, it was not that long ago that if you needed a plumber, you grabbed the handy-dandy business yellow pages. Today, we grab or phone and search "plumbers near me". So, the digital age has rendered much of traditional marketing obsolete. Moreover, a company that refuses to participate online will suffer because of the current consumer trends. 

Regardless, there are some traditional marketing methods the still work. Examples include things like sponsoring local and regional events and local billboards. For some businesses, things like door flyers, windshield flyers, and direct mail are still very effective. Additionally, these traditional methods can be sued in such a way as to give a boost to your online content.

What do you think? Is traditional marketing still relevant? Which old-school methods are still working for you?

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December 3, 2017 2:01 am  

The relevance of traditional marketing nowadays is questionable given the existing marketing in the form of digital and social removed link But surely traditional marketing hasn’t been totally eliminated like sponsoring events, billboards and flyers as mentioned removed link There are businesses out there that have been practicing old-school marketing but they are not giving priority on it compared to removed link Our business is not practicing such method mainly because it wasn’t necessary and applicable for us, yes we could opt to do it but prefer not removed link The significance of traditional marketing had depleted through the years but I doubt that they could go under extinction since it could be proven helpful to others and necessary to removed link


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