Koffee-O-Matic Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Guest Post
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Koffee-O-Matic does accept guest posts from experts who can provide useful information, unique perspectives, and original commentary. This is a great opportunity for our readers to learn from you. You can inspire, encourage, and challenge our readers, while increasing your online authority.

Guest Post Guidelines:

Koffee-O-Matic will not accept guest post submissions from copywriters looking to exchange content for links, or from writers incorporating affiliate or business links. Koffee-O-Matic is also unable to approve your submission unless you follow the guidelines below.

  • Anything that is useful for Koffee-O-Matic readers is good content. Guest posts can be on almost any topic, but should be focused on providing good information or original commentary.
  • Submissions containing “adult only” material are prohibited.
  • Posts may not promote hate, drug use, illegal activity, or acting in violence.
  • We read all guest post submissions but submission of your guest post does not guarantee publication.
  • If your article is spammy—about visiting your site, promoting your company or product, or PR related—it will be automatically deleted.
  • Guest post submissions must be in English.
  • Reposted content will be rejected. A guest post must be original and not elsewhere on the internet.
  • You agree, if your submission is approved, not to publish the post anywhere else (i.e., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs).
  • Koffee-O-Matic Linking Policy
    • Your submission, when appropriate, should attempt to link to other posts found on Koffee-O-Matic.
    • Koffee-O-Matic reserves the right to add or remove links before publishing.
    • Affiliate links within guest post submissions are strictly forbidden.
    • Guest bloggers may link to their own content within the post, as long as the content conforms to Koffee-O-Matic Guest Post Submission Guidelines.
    • Posts with excessive external links may be edited before publishing, returned to “Draft” status, or rejected.
  • Your guest post should be between 500 and 1200 words.
  • The submission should include a minimum of 5 paragraphs.
  • A paragraph contains a minimum of 3 sentences.
  • Longer posts should use subheadings to break up the article. Subheadings are used to create mini posts for those who merely skim—which lots of people do!
  • Commentary and opinion posts should be supported and fact based.
  • Due to time limitation, guest post submissions that do not use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation will not be approved.
  • Be sure to give your post a catchy or targeted title.
  • Koffee-O-Matic Photo Policy
    • Include at least one high-quality horizontal photo (at least 1280 x 500 in size) within the post.
    • Images that are not your own must fall under Creative Commons “Commercial Use Allowed”, “Fair Use,” or be “Public Domain.”
    • Good places to find free photos:
    • Nude photos intended to titillate or are pornographic are prohibited.
    • Images that are not your own must be captioned giving credit to original source.
  • Koffee-O-Matic does not pay for guest posts.
  • You acknowledge these guidelines are not intended to address every issue or to be all inclusive. Additional standards and limitations may apply.
  • Koffee-O-Matic is the final arbiter of what does and does not violate our guidelines, All decisions are final.

Ready to submit a post for consideration?

  • Click here to create a contributor profile.
  • An email will be sent with instructions on how to log in.
  • Click on Profile in the left-side navigation menu. Scroll down, and update your profile with your photo, website and social media links, and bio—some information is asked for twice because of the author box.
    • Your bio should be written in the third-person, starting with your name.
    • Please limit the bio for both the author page and author box to a single paragraph, no longer than 50 words.
    • An author box will be automatically generated with each post, but there is an option to turn it off if you choose.
    • Facebook authorship is built in, and added to your posts if the link is provided within your profile.
    • You can update your password.
    • You can link your Koffee-O-Matic profile to your WordPress account.
    • Don’t forget to click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
  • Using either the left or top navigation, go to Posts > Add New. Write and format your post.
    • Insert photos insertion where you want them in your post.
    • Also,  a photo must be included as the Featured Image.
      • The Featured Image must be at least 1280×500 in size. You can use either a cropped version of your in-post photo or a different image.
    • If the photo is not yours, caption photo to provide credit and link to the original source.
  • You can click the “Preview” button to check your layout and formatting. When you’re ready, click Submit for Review”. 
  • If it has been determined the post is not ready for publishing, it will be returned to “Draft” status, and you will be notified by email.
  • Submissions with major violations will be deleted.

Please Note:

  • Please be sure to follow these submission guidelines. Only posts that are submitted fully and accurately will be considered for publication.
  • Koffee-O-Matic may potentially provide minor edits for basic content, punctuation, and formatting. However, we will not make major content changes without prior permission from you.
  • By guest posting on Koffee-O-Matic, you agree to share the post link on your social media streams.
  • Please reply to comments on the site to engage with the community.