Thank You Mr. Sweepy and Sweepstakes Today!

Sweepstakes Winners? Have you ever read about, or heard about, those people who spend hours every day entering Sweepstakes? They always seemed to be an odd bunch to me, much like those people who find a way to make money using coupons when they grocery shop.

A couple of weeks ago a colleague of mine told me about how he has won over $25,000 in cash and prizes over the last year, from small $5 Amazon gift cards  to a paid trip to Las Vegas. He said, “It takes a good 6 months of dedication, but eventually the odds catch up to you, and you start winning.”

Almost weekly my son Tyler will overhear me say, “When I win the Powerball…” His response, in a tone fitting a 17-year-old, is always, “Dad, how can you win when you never play?” This is true, how can I?

Emboldened by knowing a “career” Sweepstakes winner personal, and the sarcasm of my teenager, I set out to find a few legitimate sweepstakes, from reputable companies,  and begin my quest for the Winner’s Circle.

Very quickly, I found Mr. Sweepy and his Sweepstakes Today website.  It is the free online sweepstakes website that offers great prizes to win., and reports that all brand name sponsors are carefully selected for quality of the sweepstakes and security.  The site is free to join, and claims many members have won cars, cash, trips, electronics and more.

The site looks makeshift, but it is a powerful tool for someone wanting to take on the challenge of winning, not just one but many Sweepstakes.

Here is how it works:

  1. Create and account.
  2. Select the Sweepstakes you want to enter.
  3. Enter the Sweepstakes.
  4. Add the entered Sweepstakes in your “Luck List.”
  5. Return each day to hit your “Luck List” and re-enter that you can, and find new Sweepstakes to replace others that have gone off.
  6. Win, Repeat, Win.

The “Lucky List” is a nifty little feature that will keep record for you, and remind you of Sweepstakes that allow daily, weekly, or monthly entries.

So, I know you are asking, “How did you do?” Well, my first win didn’t take 6 months. It only took 2 weeks, and with only limited dedication.

I decided I could only spare an hour a day, during normally scheduled down-time. Within that time I could enter about 30  Sweepstakes, allowing 2 minuted per entry. I also selected Sweeps that allowed me to enter on a daily basis figuring, other than those obsessed, that the average person would only enter once.

$25 prize from Click Your Experience Instant Win SweepstakesI won a $25 prize Click Your Experience Instant Win from from RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, the makers of Camel tobacco products.

What a rush!!

I know; I know!! It was only $25, and it took about 14 hours of time (turns out to be an earning of a little more than $2 an hour), but the feeling of this first win was exhilarating.

Adding to the excitement was instant gratification. Moments after I won, I received my prize in my email box… a Virtual Mastercard Giftcard, good at any online retailer accepting Mastercard.

I want to thank both Mr. Sweepy and the  RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company for such an exciting day.

I also what to remind all of you who say you never win anything, you can’t win if you don’t play.

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Ann McDonald
I have been a member of sweepstakes today for 5 years. In my first year “sweeping”, I won a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a $10,000 gift card to Harley Davidson from a Sons of Anarchy promotion not related to the bike sweep, various gift cards ranging from $10 to $150, a Wayne Gretzky signed All Stars jersey worth $600 and a host of other prizes of every kind. Within 2 years, my prizes won came to over $26,000! I was entering about 200-300 sweeps a week. As the article stated, if you are diligent at entering the odds increase in your… Read more »
Timothy Alexander

Thanks for sharing your success!


Is it available to countries outside the US? I’ve been a big fan of sweepstakes but it seems like odds isn’t always in my favor. I’ll still go and try even though I don’t win because, as you said in the article, i won’t win if I don’t win.


*I won’t win if I don’t play.

Sorry for the typographical error.