The 5 Best Mommy Blogs that you will visit every week

Mommy Blogs (or Mom Blogs) are extremely popular. As a father of six, I can tell you they are not just good reading for Moms. These sites provide great information on parenting, life hacks, child-friendly recipes, product reviews, and just about everything family centered.

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Who are these Mommy Bloggers? Some are professionals and working moms, some are stay at home moms, and some are blogging about the challenges of being a single mom. 

However, a couple of years ago, Mashable did a survey of Mommy Bloggers and found “The average mommy blogger is 37 years old and 89% of mommy bloggers have kids between the ages of 2 and 11.”

They also concluded Mommy Bloggers are “socially conscious and are 85% more likely to have supported a politician based on an environmental issue, 88% more likely to buy eco-friendly products and 38% more likely to volunteer than the average mom.”

I went out to find the best of the best Mommy Blogs. These are what I found:

The 5 Best Mommy Blogs

1. – Jill Smokler started this blog in 2008 as a kind of baby book.  Today, it is a parenting community for imperfect parents.

2. – Carin Kilby Clark is a mom, writer, bestselling author, mentor and coach. She uses her blog to inspire, inform, comfort, and entertain.

3. – Founded by Tiffany Noth, Bloggy Moms is a blogging community that provides support, encouragement and information to blogging moms.

4. – YummyMummyClub (or YMC) is the child of Erica Ehm. The site brings together a network of Mommy Bloggers with over 80,000 newsletter subscribers.

5. – Headed up by Brooke Burke and Lisa Rosenblatt, ModernMom is full of original content from celebrated experts, authors, bloggers and real moms from all over the world.

These Mommy Blogs feature information, commentary, and discussions about home, family, and parenting, but also career, fashion, and technology. They often share happy moments, but also struggles. They certainly have something for every parent.

However, Mommy Blogs have become big business, as well. Brands are eager to connect with influential Mommy Bloggers who will promote products on in posts, and across social media. Brands are willing to send Mommy Bloggers free products to review, which they get to keep, and then sell advertising on their site.

Earning a living from Mommy Blogging certainly can’t be easy, nor does it happen overnight.  However, it can and is being done.

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