The Top 10 Best Christmas Websites on the Internet

The Top 10 Best Christmas Websites on the Internet

Are you looking for best Christmas websites? Look can no further! I carefully reviewed hundreds of Christmas websites, and evaluated them based on a number of factors including family-friendly content, plus the quality and quantity of information.

Take some time to click the links and surf around and see what’s great about these sites. You may discover great holiday decorating ideas, crafts, and recipes. Maybe you’ll rediscover old Christmas carols, making them new family favorites. Share your favorites in the comments as well, so other readers can find them.

With that in mind, here are the Top 10 Christmas websites to help make your holiday awesome:

The Top 10 Best Christmas Websites


Discover Better Homes & Garden‘s holiday projects center where you will find crafts, wreaths, trees, recipes, handmade gifts and family activities.

Better Homes & Gardens
Create a holiday haven that will sparkle all the way through December 25 with festive Christmas decorating ideas.


Carols is a Victorian Christmas themed website with music, lyrics and origins of the most popular Christmas carols and songs.

carols uk org
The lyrics of carols, and origins of the most popular Christmas carols are included on this site


A very basic and not the most visually appealing website, but includes lyrics of over 1200  carols, hymns, and popular songs.

The Hymns and Carols of Christmas
A site to preserve the rich history of Christmas carols and hymns that might otherwise be lost.


All Things Christmas offers coloring pages and printables, online painting, games, riddles, music, lyrics, Christmas customs and recipes.

All Things Christmas
Find holiday stories, delicious recipes, and a Christmas for kids-section with fun, games, riddles, printables and more.

5: is a top rated Santa Clause website. Check your Naughty or Nice rating on the new Nice-O-Meter. Includes games, recipes, send an email, holiday karaoke, and much more.

claus com
Check your Naughty or Nice rating, choose your very own Elf Buddy,play games in Elf School, and more for kids and parents.


Santatelevision is a network of short films featuring elf adventures, Christmas around the world, foods, Santa, northern lights, and greeting cards.

Santa Television com
Meet Santa Claus and discover the Christmas traditions on Santa Claus’ official Internet TV Channel.


Focused on celebrating Christmas year round, MyMerryChristmas features stories, holiday movie reviews, advice column and emails to Santa.

MyMerryChristmas com
My Merry Christmas is an anchor of Christmas community online with active year round outreach via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and other social media venues.


Discover videos, FAQs, and a discussion forum regarding Christmas lights, decorations, and special effects that will take your celebration to a whole new level.

Planet Christmas com
A positive, family friendly, and christmas centric website, focused on decorations, lights, and special effects.


The Christmas place for kids to email Santa Claus, discover Christmas history and world traditions, plus kid-friendly crafts, recipes, online games.

The North Pole com
Send your letter directly to the North Pole, try Santa’s favorite crafts and recipes, and learn the history of Santa Claus.


Mostly Christmas is a massive repository for holiday recipes, Christmas TV listings, events, activities, games, music, and more.

Mostly Christmas com
Your home for holiday recipes, Christmas movie and tv listings, events, activities, games, music, ideas and more.


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stunayoshivongola B.
stunayoshivongola B.

Great! thanks for the information now I can answer my assignment, by the way get my attention I think it would be fun to visit that site.

sweetpot81 this site best describes everything I need for the coming holiday season. I wanna make this coming Christmas different. Recipes that are less carbohydrates and calories. Health consciousness would be the reason behind of some sort of changes in recipe. Decorations will be the same just make it more elegant with just 3 colors theme which are red, silver and gold. Since a family from abroad will be spending with us this year, it’s great idea to have some parlor games. Thanks alot. One site answers all my queries and concerns.

michelle camo
michelle camo

Thank you for all the information. Christmas is so near and these sites would definitley help me to make this coming holiday a very memorable and special one.