In Memory of the Baltimore Batman

The Baltimore Batman, Lenny B. Robinson, died this past Sunday. The Washington Post reports,  the Caped Crusader was struck and killed in an automobile accident, when his Batmobile, a customized Lamborghini,  broke down on the side of the road. Robinson was hit by another vehicle when he got out of his car to check the engine.

Baltimore Batman

Robinson went viral in 2012 when a dash-cam video, of Montgomery County police pulling over his Batmobile, was posted online. The video was posted in millions of Facebook feeds, but his identify was unknown until discovered and reported by The Washington Post. He made a positive impact in the world, and touched so many. His story should inspire us all. 

Baltimore Batman Begins

Lenny B. Robinson had become a successful business owner, who then sold his company. He wanted to help his community, and decided the best way by donning the cape and cowl of The Batman.

Before picking up the mantle of Baltimore Batman, Robinson had a reputation of being short fused, getting into fights, and having a few run-ins with the police. Yet, when he put on that mask, he became something more.

Robinson began dressing up as Batman to entertain one of his sons. Seeing the reaction of children, he started visiting sick and terminally ill children at Baltimore and Washington D.C. area hospitals, spending thousands of his own money on toys to handout.

He put smiles on the faces of children who had little to smile about, fulfilling their fantasies of meeting a real life superhero.

Another Dark Knight Rises

It has been reported, the day of the accident,  Robinson saved an 8 year old boy, named Jacob, from being bullied. He told youngster, Batman would always be there for him.

The boy’s grandmother told WCHS News, “[Another little boy punched Jacob] in the face. So he said he was gonna tell Batman! Batman takes Jacob under his arm, leaves kids standing in line. They go back to the bounce house, where Batman confronted the bully, and tells him, gentlemen don’t act that way. That’s not the way to settle your differences.”

Another Dark Knight rose to fulfill Robinson’s promise to always be there. John Buckland, a Batman from Huntington Virginia, visited Jacob’s school this week with an anti-bullying message.

Being “The Batman”

Batman, whether we are talking about comic book Bruce Wayne or real life Lenny Robinson, is just a man.  He has no superpowers, and neither is he a Boy Scout. He is, however, a symbol for mankind’s ability to rise above, to become more, and serve a cause greater than ourselves.

The message of Batman is that one person, through sheer will and determination, can make a difference. The legacy of Lenny Robinson is a message that we all can make a positive impact. We can all choose to be better. We can all be there for those in need.

Thank you, Lenny Robinson. Thank you for being a symbol of hope for those without hope. Thank you for bringing happiness to those who had little to be happy about. Thank you for being a hero, when a hero was needed. Thank you for having been The Batman.

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