Top 10 Best Daddy Blogs: Man-to-Man Advice for Fathers

Top 10 Best Daddy Blogs: Man-to-Man Advice for Fathers

I’m sure you have read about Mommy Bloggers, mothers writing commentary on home, family, and parenting. What about Dad? The blogosphere doesn’t think much about Dads. In today’s society, fathers are often an afterthought, reduced to a second-class parent. Daddy Bloggers are giving Dads a voice.

Whether you are within a “traditional family,” a single father, or playing out an episode of My Two Dads, being a father can be the greatest thing ever, but sometimes you need to seek out the advice of those who have been there and done that. The advice for Mommy Bloggers or Parenting websites (typically focused toward mothers) just does not fit.

I have collected the the top 10 best Daddy Blogs. These guys are talking about everything from changing your baby’s first diaper to teaching values to your children. They provide online communities that are a valuable asset to every father, from the stay-at-home-dad to the man working 70+ hours a week to provide for their family.

You’ll find awesome reviews and giveaways of devices, treats, and books, plus couponing / freebies / giveaway / sweepstakes highlights in this Daddy Blog created by an author of technology books.

Written by Adrian Kulp, this Daddy Blog offers loads of stories and personal experiences throughout his life, and his perspective as a man. This full-time stay-at-home Dad is taking care of his 4 year old daughter, and 2 year old son.

Ricky Shetty offers reviews and tips from a father’s perspective. You will find family-friendly reviews, interviews with Dads, contests, and more.

A resource for fathers in every areas of parenting. Created by the author of eight bestselling books on fatherhood, Armin Brott, this Daddy Blog has information for new and old Dads alike. Become the father you want to be.

Pierre Kim is unique among Daddy Bloggers. This new Dad comments on parenthood, New York City, and other topics of personal interest.

A Daddy Blog for parents of boys, but also includes articles on parenting, sibling rivalry, and development issues. A great resource not only Dads, but also grandparents, teachers, coaches, and scout leaders

This Daddy Blog provides advice for Dads and new fathers on parenting, pregnancy, raising children and just being a great Dad. is one Canadian’s trip through fatherhood.

A guide to adventurous parenting written by a father living in Nebraska. Wondering about rock climbing with kids? This is a Dad Blog for you.

A self employed, stay-at-home Dad gives you the straight dope about parenting, kids, love and life. Fatherhood and parenting tips, tricks and advice from a human secularist perspective.

A man, a Dad, and a husband who loves his wife and his life. A Dad Blog about family, fatherhood, marriage, photos and everything in between. Eric Payne is an author and award winning blogger helping Dads do more and do better for their families.

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