Top Influencers on Holiday Crafts and Decorations

Top Influencers on Holiday Crafts and Decorations

There are many holiday crafts and decorations enthusiasts and professionals online vying for global influence. The world of holiday crafts is wide and diverse enough for there to be many creating how-to articles, videos, photos, and more.

Social media influencers built their authority by creating and curating relevant, informative and valuable content. The internet allows holiday crafts and decorations enthusiasts and professionals to share their expertise to a large audience. These DIYers become major providers of holiday craft related information to those seeking free crafts projects and handmade DIY gift ideas.

So, who are the most influential, on social media, feeding the masses on the topic of holiday crafts and decorations? Who is providing the most engaging and shared content? Who should you follow?

I have examined various social media ranking sites, and evaluated activity level, engagement, and reach. After personally vetting the information, I’m happy to present to you my list of top social media influencers on holiday crafts and decorations.

Hobbycraft — @Hobbycraft

Free Holiday Crafts — @AFHolidayCrafts


Father Christmas — @NorthPolePost

ChristmasStocking — @XmasStocking


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michelle camo
michelle camo

This is really interesting and I can’t wait to see what is the outcome of my first craft for Christmas using all that I have learned from this site.