Discover Amazing Ways to Make Money Online Starting Today

Discover Amazing Ways to Make Money Online Starting Today

If you put in the time and effort, it is possible to make money online. In today’s economy, it is worth including online opportunities to increase your financial health. Some ways to make money online can be considered little more than hobbies, providing only spare cash each month. However, other opportunities have the potential to become a full-time job.

The best part of opportunities to make money online is many have little to no upfront investment to get started. Also, in many cases, you can begining earning instantly. Most may only provide small streams of money, but they are steady and can build over time.

Ways to Make Money Online

Sell Stuff Online

This is probably the biggest possibility for those wanting to make money online, and open to businesses, entrepreneurs, and just regular ole folks. The easiest way to sell stuff online is either using auction sites, like eBay, or services like “Sell on Amazon” or “Fulfillment by Amazon” to sell new or used items. Unlike building an ecommerce website, these services have very low costs—and with Amazon you don’t even have to worry about having a merchant account or PayPal.

Work as a Freelancer

There are thousands of freelance opportunities online including accounting, consulting, graphic design, photography, education, writing, and more. Some projects can be completed in a few hours and pay a few bucks, while others provide long term contracts for real money. Discover what is out there by visiting sites like Freelancer or iFreelance.

Become a Blogger

Starting a blog in easy, and has little upfront costs. You also don’t have to be a terribly good writer. Becoming a successful blogger does not require exceptional talent, genius, or education. Persistence and determination are the only things you need. The blog can be used to make money online by providing ad space. Google Adsense, and other advertising and affiliate networks, are an easy way to earn money.

Become an Online Influencer

The title Online Influencer sounds a little intimidating, but trust me this ain’t rocket surgery, but it does take a little time. Say you have an interest in DIY projects. Well, you use your social media accounts and blog to post, share, and engage with a lot of content about DIY projects, and in short order you will have built an audience that shares your interest.

A site like IZEA can then connect you with companies that will pay you to tweet, post images on Instagram, discuss on Facebook, and blog about their products or services. You don’t even need thousands of followers to get started. However, the more followers you have, and the higher your Klout Score, the more money you can ask. According to a report in the Huffington Post, Kim Kardashian makes $13,000 for a single sponsored tweet. I know, right?!

Take Online Surveys

Nobody is going to get rich taking online surveys, but it is a great way to give your opinion on many different products and topics, and you can earn cash, gift cards, and sometimes prizes. You may want to sign up with several to make it worth your while, but I recommend starting with SurveySavvy. You can end up with an extra $50 – $100 in your pocket each month, without much time or effort.

Participate in Online Sweepstakes

I added  Online Sweepstakes because it is one of my guilty pleasures. I use to think no one won these things, then a couple years ago I found  Unlike some other sweepstakes sites, lists only legitamate sweepstakes and contests from legitamate companies.

I have won thousands of dollars in cash and prizes. A lot of it is small promotional items, but I have also won things like a brand new Weber Gas Grill and a $10,000 cash prize. Winning just takes dedication.

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There is also a website named Snuckls and Baymack that pays their use when they watch a video. The only problem is that they pay low amounts depending in your place in the lottery.