Why the Republican Party Is Destroying America

Why the Republican Party Is Destroying America

At the beginning of the 2016 Presidential primary season, the criticism of process was directed at the Democratic Party. Before one vote was cast, the Democratic establishment ensured Hillary Clinton’s coronation by way of superdelegates. Even the leftist pundits and commentators on MSNBC noted the Democrats’ process is less than democratic. Today, it is the Republican Party destroying American Democracy.

Fear of Donald Trump becoming the Republican Presidental nominee has The Establishment working feverously to force a brokered convention. They have worked out a strategy to deny Trump a sufficient number of delegates to secure the nomination and use the convention process to handpick someone else. Apparently, Trump will destroy the Republican Party if nominated.

Donald Trump is a flawed human being. There is no doubt. However, he does not try to hide this fact, and his supporters don’t really care about the man’s shortcomings. Within Trump, voters see a person who is not using the office of the Presidency to enhance his personal wealth or to gain power. On the contrary, he has to give up a certain amount of power and wealth if he becomes President.

This is the core of why the Republican Party does not want a President Trump. The man has no allegiance to The Establishment. He is not running so that the Republicans win the White House. He is not running to advance “conservative values.” He is not running to advance the agenda of major donors. He is running only to Make America Great Again.

We now have a President who does not put America first. We have a President who has not been concerned about working and middle-class people. We have a President who has diligently worked to create a two-class system: those in power and those dependent on government. The design of Obama’s redistribution of wealth agenda was to create a shared scarcity among the population, and a need for government’s helping hand.

The Republicans have played the part of the “loyal opposition,” but are co-conspirators against the American people. Everything they have done has driven America down a rabbit hole. They are only concerned about their own power and position and are willing to play the game. It is a strategy intended for The Establishment to seize absolute control from The People. Reads like an Orwellian nightmare, doesn’t it?

There is no Democratic or Republican Parties. There is only The Establishment: a coalition of the Political Class, Major Media, and Big Business. Trade deals are intended to take wealth from the working and middle class, sending good paying jobs overseas to exploit cheap labor. The Establishment enjoys illegal immigration to lower the employment costs for the remaining jobs. The rich and powerful become richer and more powerful, and the less Americans have the more we need government, and the more power they have.

The U.S. economy is only growing at 2.5%. Wages are the lowest they have been in 16 years, despite the low unemployment numbers. Obamacare did not fix healthcare; it made it more expensive and more complicated. Increasing household costs and government demands diminish the financial independence (the only real freedom) of everyday Americans.

The Establishment has us fighting about Gay Rights vs Religious Freedom, Abortion being a Women’s Health Issue, White vs Black, and Islamic Terrorism vs Islamophobia. Illegal Immigration never gets fixed because they need us fighting. The Tax Code will never become simplified because The Establishment uses it to control behavior and maintain power.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, while having radically different points of view, represent a rebellion against The Establishment. They are a threat because they have loyalty to no one in government and no loyalty to wealthy donors. Both are running for the nomination of their respective Parties, but they have no real loyalty to their Parties. Their only loyalty is to the American people.

The Republican Party is destroying America because The Establishment is destroying America. There is an alliance among the Political Class, Major Media, and Big Business to work in their own self-interests, for their own power and wealth. The Republican reaction to Trump is fear. We would be seeing the same thing on the Democratic side if Sanders was the Democratic frontrunner. If an Establishment Candidate wins the White House, The Establishment wins and the American people lose.

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Every now and then a party has to realign its core values and right now the GOP has to do some major thinking. Many of the old white haired men aren’t going to be around for much longer and the traditional conservative values have been led down an alt right and racist path supporting inequality. It is indeed worrying as it suppresses the majority and supports the minority that have money, jobs, and power. That isn’t why the Republican party was formed and many voters who don’t wish to vote for the other party are in limbo. While the bulk… Read more »