Discover the Secret to Creating Amazing Blog Content

Discover the Secret to Creating Amazing Blog Content

There is a lot written on creating blog content that will attract visitors to your website. The essential need is making your blog stand out and being original, in order to grow your following, creating leads, inform customers, and/or grow your business. How do you accomplish this in a crowded field, when it seems everyone is competing to get their content read?

There is a general consensus among blogging experts about what makes great blog content. There is a formula to it. However, this list of best practices means that every blog starts to look like, and read like, every other. Have you noticed this? Do you agree?

If you search “how to write great blog content,” you will come across a list of professional bloggers providing you with a checklist that looks something like this:

  1. Use Eye Catching, Engaging, and Shareable Titles — Include emotional and powerful words, and ideally limit titles to approximately 8 words and/or 70 characters.
  2. Create Lists — Many professional bloggers believe list-posts like the “10 Best,” “5 Effective Practices,” or “7 New” attract more visitors, and these types of posts are now everywhere.
  3. Formatted Content — Many best practices for blog content insist on a strict format that includes things like a well defined use of subheadings, and even things like a strict limit on word count.
  4. Image Use — We have all heard it, the notion that even the most well written blog post is handicapped if it does not include a high quality image.
  5. Being Original — Now, after you made your entry look and feel like every other entry on every other site, make sure you are being creative and fresh.

I follow all these rules, and more, when creating blog content. Why? No matter what you think of practices that cause cookie cutter posts, they work—more or less. Why would anyone want to try and fix what is not broke, right? Wrong! We want to make what works, work better.

I want to share with you the most visited enty on Koffee-O-Matic: Thank You Mr. Sweepy and Sweepstakes Today! Take a close look. The post is not very well formed, nor does it conform well to best practices. In fact, when I wrote it, the article was filler. I had a bit of writer’s block, had just finished a few sweepstakes entries, and a topic was born. So, why has this “not my best work” become so popular?

What is the secret that makes this one entry the most popular, and repeatedly showing up in the list of daily trending posts? I believe it goes back to our discussion on semantic context, and the overall quality of content,. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! don’t care if you follow some tried and true formula for creating a blog entry. They only care about the quality of what is written, and if it is written authoritatively, in the same way your visitors do. Make sense?

The true secret to creating amazing blog content is the writing. You may be able to create clickable content that will get users to your site off of social media. Will they stay or bounce? You may be able to effectively incorporate SEO into the design of your posts. You may have perfect spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. What matters, more than anything else, is that your articles are informative and authoritative—which is why you read this to the very end.

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