How BlogMutt is Making the World a Better Place

How BlogMutt is Making the World a Better Place

Blog content is not easy. I have created online content for a long time. Over the years, the emphasis has shifted from quantity to quality. Nonetheless, it is often difficult for businesses to keep up with the demands. BlogMutt is a content creation service that can help.

Blogging and Sales

Blogging is an essential element for your inbound sales funnel. When one creates quality blog content, their website becomes more discoverable. Those visitors who find your content authoritative and trustworthy become subscribers and followers.

The more time visitors spend on your site, the more one earns the right to sell to them. You have the ability to capitalize on your blog content investment with social media and email marketing, developing leads and lead conversions. Sounds easy right?

  • Blog content attracts visitors and creates awareness.
  • It keeps your company at the top of the list for those seeking your product or service.
  • Visitors convert to customers as one builds trust and authority.
  • Blogs provide a greater opportunity to nurture leads.
  • It creates a community around your brand and maintains communication with leads and customers.
  • Content identifies one as an industry thought leader.

Content Creation

One important aspect of content marketing is keeping a consistent schedule. What are your options?

  • Do It Yourself — Many businesses will start with this option. You know your customers the best. You also have the knowledge and experience to develop informative and authoritative content. However, it is difficult to keep a schedule.
  • Agencies — An agency provides a one-stop solution. They can handle all your online marketing and advertising. However, many of these companies tend to be empty, using content creation services or freelancers to do the actual work.
  • Content Creation Services — A  content creation service, like Blogmutt, will create shareable content for your blog on a regular and consistent schedule.
  • Freelancers — The major benefit of using a freelancer is cost. Since both agencies and content creation services use freelancers, you are cutting out the middleman. Unfortunately, the time required to manage freelancers may have you wanting to do it yourself.

Why do I Recommend BlogMutt?

I have looked at and evaluated many blog content services. BlogMutt came out on top, both because of their ability to consistently provide quality content at a reasonable price, and the way they treat their freelance writers. This probably explains their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Every blog entry is original content, written specifically for your company. You provide information about your business and your content vision, and they create it. Do you want your blog posts lighthearted or more corporate? Should writers focus on writing to your niche or general audiences? Do you have an idea for a one-time article or do you need many entries on a specific topic?

Writers submit posts for your review. If you like them, they are posted to your site on your schedule. You can also ask for revisions, or reject those that don’t work for you. Adding feedback will inform writers what you like and don’t like, improving overall quality. When you have gained confidence, use their set-it-and-forget-it feature to have entries automatically posted.

Why BlogMutt is the Best

BlogMutt has many advantages over their competition. Overall, their platform works for both customers and writers. While there is no direct two-way communication, the interaction and relationship building makes a big difference.

Writers both receive feedback from clients and can see the feedback left for others. They see what posts were approved, the edits requested,  and the posts rejected. As writers get to know you, the quality improves. Writers that do really well can become your preferred writers.

However, what makes BlogMutt great could cause you issues. Just as you have the right to request edits and reject posts, writers choose which companies they want to perform work for and which posts they want to write. If one becomes perceived as a difficult client, fewer writers will even attempt creating content for you.

On the writers’ side, while not the lowest, compensation has something to be desired.  This is not just a criticism of BlogMutt, but many other content creation services as well. Commercial blogging is a job, not a hobby. Payment levels may not be enough to keep professional writers creating content on a regular basis. A more equitable split would improve this shortfall.

Businesses, especially those small to mid-sized, will find BlogMutt’s features and quality to be value priced. The interface is easy to use, and the content created will increase traffic. It provides the original content you want to create, but just don’t have the time or writing skills.

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Thanks for recommending them and I’m sure a lot of people will look and benefit from using BlogMutt. To be honest, it’s not a big surprise that they are quite popular and really good in terms of the content that you receive from them. They are quite expensive especially when you compare it to some other services that are similar which should mean that you get good quality content from the site. I’m sure the business wouldn’t do well if they were charging those prices and not giving good enough content.

Timothy Alexander

Actually, I would describe BlogMutt’s cost to be low to moderate considering that all the writers are verified to be from the US, UK, or Australia. Many of the services that are cheaper use non-native speakers and writers. So, while they may produce content that is technically correct, as far as grammar and spelling, it tends to be obviously written by someone who does not completely understand what they are writing. Plus, cultural perspective is something that can really make or break an article.