How to Build an Empire with Blogging

How to Build an Empire with Blogging

Do you have a blog that you want to take to the next level? Building an empire with blogging is a massive undertaking. However, I am here to tell you this goal is extremely simple. I didn’t say easy. I said it is simple.

What makes a successful blog? Design, content, SEO are important, but success comes from patience, motivation, tenacity, and motivation. It comes from the innate characteristics of the blog owner.

Successful blogging is having that internal something that pushes you to continue to write even when traffic is slow. Winners are not winners because they never fail. Winners are winners because they never quit. Don’t you agree?

Beyond persistence and determination, let us break down what is needed to create an empire with blogging.

Know Your Target Audience

Buyer Personas can be very helpful. Personally, I write for myself, and no one else. My blogging focuses on topics and subjects that call to me. It makes it a whole lot easier to write when the focus is on something you have an interest and passion about, at least for me.

However, if you are not as narcissistic as I am then using buyers personas will work well. Are you writing for the 30-somthing mom with 3 children and who is crafty? Are you writing for the man who is in his 40s or 50s and rebuilds old cars as a hobby? This will define your blog, and the primary topics you should write about.

Be Unique

One will never be successful being a weak-tea version of someone else. I understand the idea of looking at and doing what works. There is a lot of competition in blogging. We are all fighting for our slice of the internet pie. Don’t go left or right just because that is the popular opinion.

Remember, you are an individual. You are unique. You bring to the table your own knowledge, experience, and voice. Incorporating your distinctive thinking, feelings, approach, and expertise will make a difference.

Post Regularly

The way one builds and maintains an audience is to create content on a regular basis. One must generate content consistently, and with the intent to be informative, useful, or entertaining to your target audience. It is better to post quality once or twice a week than to post filler every day.

Now, some experts have the opinion to find a niche and stick to it, staying on topic and never taking the blog anywhere else. The idea is your audience came for a specific reason, and if you don’t stick to that reason they will leave. I disagree. If you know your target audience, you can post on many topics.

Ultimately, once you have established a posting schedule, it is important to stick with it.  You are more likely to lose your audience by not posting consistently than not focusing on one specific topic. Does that make sense?


Every single blogger needs to be a marketer in order to be successful. You are fighting a losing battle if you rely on search engines to drive traffic to your blog. You will need to build a large, relevant, engaged following on social media.

It is not enough to just tweet out your newest post.  One needs loyal followers and superfans who will expand your potential audience by thousands or millions. Make sure to become close with other bloggers and influencers.

Website Design

Keep your website lightweight and professional. Part of building an empire with blogging is being successful enough that one can generate an income. However, advertising and other 3rd party scripts can kill your blog.

We have all gone to post or page that never seems to load, and interferes with reading the blog entry. That article could have motivated visitors to click deeper into the site. Instead, they left frustrated.

Context not Keywords

The search engines are becoming more intelligent. Current versions of search engine algorithms know that with this blog entry the words post, article and entry mean the same thing. The algorithms can “read” that this post is about creating a great blog website.

One does not need to unnaturally embed the long-tail keyword (like “Real Estate West Chester”) in a title, and throughout a blog, to the point it is obvious to the reader. Today, it is less about targeted keywords and more about authoritative content.

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