5 Ways Your Business Blog Is Killing Sales

5 Ways Your Business Blog Is Killing Sales

Most online marketing experts agree that a blog is essential for sales growth. However, many businesses find that blogging does nothing to improve sales or, even worse, actually cause sales to fall. It has not expanded their audience or attracted website visitors. In the worse cases, visitors are actually driven away. While a business blog is described as essential for building brand loyalty and trust, and converting leads into clients, there are ways it can do more harm than good.

Blogging is supposed to increase your search engine result placement, drive traffic to your website, develop customer relationships, and generate sales. If it is not doing those things, you are doing something wrong. If your business blog is underperforming, it is likely because of one of the follow reasons. 

Ways Your Business Blog Is Killing Sales

You don’t blog consistently. – If you can’t keep a regular blogging schedule, it is almost better not to have one at all. If you are posting one entry every few months, how do you expect to build an audience? Moreover, it doesn’t look professional.

You stopped posting. – Blogging is a long term investment. Visitors will perceive an out-of-date blog as a dead website. Moreover, search engines love lots of fresh content, and content built over time. These are factors in search result placement. When you stop creating content, the search engines look at you as outdated.

You are not a good writer. – You don’t have to be Hemmingway to craft good well-written blog posts. However, you do need basic grammar and spelling skills. Additionally, the ability to clearly convey your message is essential. Consider using a ghostwriter.

There is too much self-promotion. – If every post is a sales pitch, your business is doing blogging wrong. Ensure roughly 80 percent of blog content is genuinely valuable to visitors. Self-promotion will not build your audience or grow traffic.

Your website design is poor. – A website needs a consistent design with easy navigation. Moreover, social media integration is essential. If you are creating great content, users need sharing tools. Finally, if your site is not mobile-friendly, visitors will bounce and search engines will penalize.

How a Business Blog Works

One of the reasons business owners fail with blogging is they don’t understand the purpose. The perceive their content like their showroom or sales floor. Therefore, there is an expectation that visitors should quickly receive a sales pitch. If blogging does not immediately convert visitors to sales, then (in their mind) it does not work. Blogging is not sales; it is marketing.

Within business and marketing is a concept called effective frequency. It is a well-established theory stating a consumer needs at least 3 exposures to marketing material to either convey a message or generate a sale. Therefore, the purpose of a business blog is to attract new visitors and give visitors a reason to return. Each time a visitor returns to your website, the more likely they will buy your product or use your service. Does this make sense?

Benefits of a Business Blog

  • Attract new, unique visitors to your website.
  • Build trust and credibility until a consumer is ready to buy.
  • Increase your online reputation and influence.
  • Improve SEO and improve positioning in search engine results.
  • Build better relationships with customers and create goodwill.
  • Enhance your social media marketing.

Ultimately, if you are using a website to attract sales, you need a business blog. However, if a blog is not used effectively, it is better not to have one. A blog can build your online authority, but it can also negatively affect your reputation and drive consumers away.

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