Best Strategies That Will Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Best Strategies That Will Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Is your company’s social media engagement struggling or nonexistent? Are you seeking to increase and improve one-one-one interactions? Would you like to have real conversations with your Fans and Followers on social media? You can build a community around your brand, create personal connections, and improve social media engagement.

One does not need to be a celebrity or large corporation, nor do you need a large budget, to become a social media influencer and receive amazing engagement. If you are looking to increase your social media presence, or increase engagement on a business campaign, there are easy strategies that will result in more influence, clicks, shares, likes, and Followers.

Here are some of the most effective ways to improve your social media engagement,

Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Listen and Respond

The number one thing many brands are doing wrong is not listening to those speaking to them, and only having a one way conversation. Moreover, there is no way to predict when one receives a flood mentions or comments. Your business hours don’t amount to a hill of beans on social media.

Fans and Followers don’t give two cents about your process, marketing strategy, or limitations. They want you to be there, and they want you to be responsive when they have a question or concern. Listening and quickly responding is essential, and those brands that ignore this are likely to fall behind.

Monitor Relevant Hashtags and Keywords

Your online reputation can be the factor which determines whether your brand will succeed or fail. Monitoring hashtags and keywords, answering random questions, and becoming part of a greater conversation should be a core strategy for increasing social media engagement, and for boosting your online reputation. Your engagement will attract responses, and Followers.

The idea of “if you create good content, it will be shared” is a bit more myth than fact. Social media marketing in highly competitive, that tactic will not work alone. One needs to be active in order to increase social media engagement, which builds your online reputation and authority.

Be Visual with Graphics

Using graphics with your posts will increase interest, bringing attention in a powerfully way, and expanding your reach. When posting a blog entry, you will get a boost if you post with a graphic, driving greater numbers of visitors to your website.  Visualize your social media post as a flyer on a community corkboard. The more you can bring attention to it, the more you will create interest within a cluttered field.

Give & You Will Receive

Reciprocity, the practice of responding in kind, is a key component in social media. Doing to others what you would have them do to you is key component for boosting social media engagement. Following others will bring a large number of users following in return. Sharing the relevant content of others will increase the likelihood they will share your content. If you ignore others on social media, they will likely start ignoring you.

Ask for Engagement

It is a very simple idea, you don’t get what you don’t ask for. Asking for shares, likes, and comments can help encourage sharing, likes, and commenting. Ask your fans and followers to caption a photo. Ask open ended questions that encourage a replys. Hold regularly scheduled Q&A sessions. Give Fans and Followers the opportunity to engage, by actually asking for engagement, and they will.

Guest Blogging

If blogging is not part of your brand’s social media strategy, why isn’t it? When you create a blog, and it is then shared on social media, you are attracting visitors and increasing your online authority and reputation. Guest blogging has the additional benefit of exposing you to a new audience, increasing your organic reach, and attracting new Fans and Followers.

Be Human, Show your Personality

Automation allows a brand to schedule posts they would have performed manually, using software to complete the actions. However, it is a time management tool only, and needs to be used effectively. It is not a replacement for authentic human interaction. Brands using software as a “set it and forget it” utility, with no human backing it up, will quickly get labeled as nonsocial, and  will not receive engagement.

In fact, I would take it a step further and say one is better off with spokesperson social media accounts than corporate accounts. As an example, John J. Legere (@JohnLegere), CEO of T-Mobile, has over 2 million Followers, compared to the 610K Followers for the Official T-Mobile USA Twitter account (@TMobile).  Legere is very personal, and very friendly, and the result has more Followers and more engagement,

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I definitely agree! Hashtags is a great way to build an identity in social media and it will be easier for them to remember you. Social media engagement can require a lot of effort and thinking on what to post that will attract people. But once you do it right, it will have a significant effect in your business. It’s like the saying ‘what you reap is what you sow’.