Will Facebook ‘Dislike’ Button End Friendships?

Facebook Dislike

Mark Zuckerberg has announced Facebook ([stock_quote symbol=”FB”]) is working on a new tool being described as a Dislike button. The idea is being developed after years of requests by users, Is this really a wise decision?

Zuckerberg stated that the option had not been created earlier because Facebook did not want to become forum-like, where people vote posts up or down. 

If you don’t know, the Like button is a feature of Facebook. Users can like status updates, comments, photos, links shared by friends, or even companies and advertisements.

When one clicks the Like button, the action appears as a Notification to the poster. It also displays the number “Likes” received by the content, with a list of those users.

The Dislike concept being considered is coming from a place of understanding how awkward it is to click Like on posts about a hardship, illness, or tragedy.

We could have Facebook buttons like “I’m Sorry,” “Sympathize,” or maybe a “Hug”, However, imagine the consequences of an all out, straight forward Dislike button.

I understand the idea that the Facebook Like button has been reduced to a simple on or off switch. It is rarely used to actually show approval or literally liking something.

The Like has become more an acknowledgment that you saw a post, and want others to see you saw the post. What if the new Facebook Dislike button allows you to literally dislike the status updates and photos of family and friends?

Rather than just passing over a political or religious rant, now you will be able to show your disapproval. Can any good come of this?Few people are confrontational. Many people will just pass over some poorly thought out tirade without comment.

We all know Uncle Joe is a little off in his thinking. Will users now able to Dislike his posts? Next thing you know, not only has Uncle Joe unfriended you on Facebook, that whole side of the family has stopped talking to you. You have started a war.

Facebook has not given specific details on the new Dislike button. However, with all the buzz the announcement caused, most journalist seemed to have passed over the stated reason for the new feature, and that Zuckerberg stated he did not want posts voted down.

Facebook needs alternatives to Like. Users should be able to express more than simple approval. However, don’t expect an actual Dislike button to express negativity.

I believe it is safe to say, there is no “Dislike” button coming, It is most likely an empathy button to show compassion and support. Facebook is simply providing an alternative positive response to situations where Like is inappropriate.

We will most likely never ever see an actual Facebook Dislike button, and thank goodness. Don’t you agree?

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I somehow agree with this. To cite an example, if you post something and others may see it not entertaining or just nonsense at all, you will definitely not get a like or whatsoever reactions. Right? The good thing, for now, is that, there’s no “dislike” button yet. How about for the days, weeks. months or years to come when Facebook decided to put a dislike button? Don’t you think people which I would specify the “sensitive” ones won’t get affected? Putting up a dislike button leads to unfriending, unfollowing, blocking, and the worst is ending a friendship in the… Read more »