How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

For many businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers, the question of “How often to post on social media accounts?” is tough. The reason is social media is extremely fluid. On any given day, the line between too much and too little can change. It is not easy to know for certain how much you should be posting.

I know about the Progressive Name Your Price Tool® because Flo is on my television and computer so often that I see her more than my wife. Every time I see Flo, Progressive Insurance risks crossing the line of too much. Social media marketers wrestle with the same issue.

We want to connect with Fans and Followers, but we don’t want to drive them away. There needs to be a balance of sharing, listening, and responding. There are many experts, ninjas, and gurus who are happy to share knowledge and experience on how often you should post to social media. However, in reality, we end up guessing most times. It comes down to testing and evaluating to find out what works best.

There are no guidelines for how often you should post to social media. The better question is “How often are you able to post quality content that engages fans and followers?” You want to be active but, and many experts will tell you, quality is as important.

Starter Posting Frequency

Here is the minimum you should look at for your business to have a social media presence:

  • Blog – create one blog article per month, posting to Facebook and Twitter;
  • Facebook Page – post three times per week;
  • Twitter – tweet at least three times per week;
  • LinkedIn – one update per week;
  • Google+ – weekly monitoring and posting.

However, if you are serious about social media marketing, using it to create an online community that generates leads, you will discover this level of posting may not work. Celebrities can post to Twitter three times a week because they have an existing fan-base anticipating their every word. You may have to post a good bit more.

Post Frequency Testing

Once you have evaluated how well minimum posting works, try to increase frequency to the following:

  • Blog – create two blog posts per week, posting to Facebook and Twitter;
  • Facebook Page – post two times per day;
  • Twitter – tweet at least three times per day, or more;
  • LinkedIn – one update per day;
  • Google+ – three posts per day;
  • Pinterest – three posts per day, or more;
  • Instagram – two posts per day, or more.

The above will give you a clear contrast compared to the minimum baseline. You may find your audience requires more or less than these recommendations. However, consistency is key here. One does not want to post so much that you are overwhelming your audience, but you do need a post frequency that will keep users engaged and coming back.

You can get an idea of how often to post by measuring your audience’s reactions. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites provide analytics to help you evaluate what is working. You can also use sites like Klout or Klear to access insights regarding your social activity. If you start posting a lot of content then your Fan and Follower engagement drops,, you will need to adjust.

How am I Currently Posting?

  • Blog – three blog posts per week, posting to Facebook and Twitter;
  • Facebook Page – post three or more times per week;
  • Facebook (personal) – post three times per day;
  • Twitter – tweet 24 times per day, or more;
  • LinkedIn – three updates per week;
  • Google+ – three to five posts per week;
  • Pinterest – average three posts per week, sometimes more;
  • Instagram – one to two posts per day.

I found posting less than three blog posts per week dramatically decreased the number of visitors per week. In fact, posting two times per week cut visitors to Koffee-O-Matic by 50%. So, for now, three is my magic number.

Facebook Pages, for me, works well at three to five posts per week. Less than this, and I get no engagement at all, but posting more does not improve things. However, keep in mind, over the years Facebook has made organic reach for Pages difficult, and I spend nothing on Facebook Ads.

My personal Facebook receives a ton of engagement, far more than my Page. I discovered three posts a day is my sweet spot. When I post more, engagement drops like a rock.

I post a crazy amount on Twitter, I know. It seems to work for me though. Twitter is very fast-paced, and the life of a tweet is very short, 18 minutes from some research. You could potentially hit 80 posts a day and never flood your Followers’ news stream.

LinkedIn has worked relatively well attracting eyes to my blog, but engagement has been a challenge. Most of the people I have networked with use LinkedIn in a very conservative manner, unless they are a recruiter, B2B marketer, freelancer, or looking for a job. Be sure to post on weekdays only.

I’m on Google+ because it exists and it is Google. There is no other reason. It seems, outside of certain niche groups, no one really spends a lot of time there, which is why Google seems to be scaling Google+ integration back. The average person does not need or want both a Facebook and Google+ account. However, as a business, you do. Sorry.

I scaled back Pinterest. I was receiving a ton of “likes” and reposts at 7 to 10 posts per day, However, it wasn’t translating into visits to my blog, or clicks on things I was actually marketing. There is an obvious reason for that. Those on Pinterest really don’t want to be marketed to…. just look at Coca-Cola on Pinterest.

Instagram is what you would get if Twitter and Pinterest had a baby. The one or two posts per day threshold is my minimum. However, one must be careful, It is very easy to flood your Followers’ stream.


How often should you post to social media?

Many businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers are tempted to ignore the importance of posting frequency, but you do at your business’ peril. There are many resources for measuring your effectiveness with social media marketing. Use them to analyse your performance, and make informed decisions about what, where and when to post.

Every business is different, depending on what you are selling and your audience. The key thing is ultimately being consistent. Quality and consistency, on the right platforms for you, is what will lead to success.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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We all have that friend who’ve been posting a lot every minute on their social media accounts. Even if it’s so nonsense and out of content. Just as long as they show off. They don’t care. I think social media has been so congested as time passes by. But if you have social media accounts for business, then it will not hurt to post updates every once in awhile so that consumers are aware.

Timothy Alexander

You are so right. Most of the time it is all noise. It is very difficult to find quality. That is why business must become very strategic when posting to social media, or their audience will just tune them out.


Frequent posting is important to keep the users engaged, without appearing spammy. Social media can be a distraction with 1000s of things in your news feed every minute. People on social media have shorter attention span, so sometimes its hard to get their attention. That is why its important to keep posting relevant good content. Video content works best in social media better then any other content in my opinion.


Well for me i can’t tell because i posted everyday, i just don’t know how many in one day :). But i loved posting and sharing.