7 Easy Steps That Will Increase Twitter Follower Growth

Twitter Follower Growth

Twitter Follower growth can be difficult for many individuals or companies. You believe you are providing quality tweets and content. You are following back those who follow you. However, your Twitter Follower growth still seems slow. I may have the solution.

Before we get started, understand that celebrities like Katy Perry (@katyperry), Justin Bieber (@justinbieber), and Barack Obama (@BarackObama) have Twitter Growth at a rate of over 10,000 users a day because of who they are in real life. If you try to emulate celebrities, you will fall short. 

However, you will find that even most celebrities follow these 7 easy steps for increasing Twitter Follower growth. They are the very basics of Follower growth that many overlook. Additionally, you will find my recommendations revolve around the idea that a personal brand will grow faster than a business brand.

Eggs Are for Omelettes

The first thing every Twitter user should do is change the default egg avatar to an unique image. It is the first step in telling others you are real and authentic. Common perception is that the majority of accounts using the egg are spammers.

I recommend, for the best Follower growth, use a picture of your smiling face.  Do not use a logo or other non-human image. Do not use stock photos. Users want to know there is a real person behind those tweets, and a positive image will be more attractive.

It will be much easier to grow as a personal brand, than a company brand. People are much more willing to follow “Joey’s Pizza” if they see Joey and the account comes across more personal. John Legere (@JohnLegere), the CEO of T-Mobile, has over 1.66 Million Followers, while actual T-Mobile (@TMobileHelp) has only 167K Followers.

Complete Your Bio

An empty Bio is another red flag often perceived as a SPAM account, even if it is not true. I know it is a small space, but you want to use your 160 characters to tell people who you are both personally and professionally.

I am currently using:

Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Blogger ~ Proud Dad, Coffee Junkie, Whovian, Bacon Evangelist ~ Klout Ranked #DigitalMarketing and #SocialMedia Expert

Your Bio is searchable on Twitter. Think carefully about the words and keywords you use, they will show up in search engine results. Ask yourself if the Bio truly represents you. Is this how you want the millions of Twitter users, and those searching for you online, to perceive you?

Add Your Location

I understand that some people see their actual location as “private” information, but if you want Follower growth this needs to be filled. Twitter uses this information for nearby searches. It also shows you are authentic and real.

Many professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses have this notion adding a location will cause potential leads to see them as limited to a specific geographical area. Your marketing and lead generation is the only thing that will limit you.

Do not use this space for

  • Your website or alternative social media
  • “The World” or “The Universe”
  • Something you think is witty

If you don’t want to use your actual town, choose the nearest major city: New York, Philadelphia, Boston. You could alternatively use a broad location such as “Florida, USA.” However, it does have to be written properly for Twitter to recognize as a valid location.

Tweet Often

If you are tweeting once a month, once a week, or even once a day then you are not being seen. Moreover, users prefer to follow those who are active and engaged. You can’t do that if you are tweeting infrequently. The more you tweet, retweet and engage, the greater your Follower growth will be.

However, there is a thing as too much of a good thing. Twitter will limit you to 2,400 tweets per day, broken down to smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals. If you hit this limit, you will be placed in “Twitter Jail,” which temporary stops you from posting.

You will also need to spread your tweets out over time. If you repeatedly dump tweet after tweet, you run the risk of overwhelming your Followers, and they will drop you. Space things out. Follower growth depends on you being very active, but not overwhelming.

Prune but Don’t Unfollow Followers

You don’t want to get into a situation where you are following more people than following you. When you are very new, this is impossible. However, very quickly you want to start pruning those who are not following you back. Keep those you feel are high value or are identified as Influencers in your field.

I also don’t recommend blindly unfollowing everyone who does not follow back. Specifically unfollow those users with Klout Scores under 50 and/or those with less than 5000 Followers. Personally, I give people 90 days to follow back, and try to engage within that time. Keep anyone who may not be following, but who is interacting with you. Once unfollowed, do not follow those account again to avoid an “aggressive following” violation.

Do not be one of those who unfollow Followers. There is an ancient Greek saying, “Do not be hasty in making friends, but do not abandon them once made.” (Do not be hasty in making friends, but do not abandon them once made. — Solon  Tweet This!). This is good advice in both the real world, and the Twitterverse.  Loyalty should be rewarded. However, if they become inactive for a long period, they can be cut loose.

Stay Publicly Viewable

If you want Follower growth, there is no valid reason to have a private account the only valid reason to have a private account is tweeting Adult Only content. The good news is this does not seem to be much of an issue.

Most users looking for Follower growth seem to instinctively understand they need a public account. However, sometimes someone surprises you.  Every now and then you find a professional, entrepreneur, or business set private. Why?

Marketing on Twitter is not just engaging with your Followers, but also having that engagement amplify your organic reach. When you are private, not only can’t the greater part of the Twitterverse see your posts, Followers cannot retweet your posts and Favorites are not visible. Therefore, you are limiting the potential number of new Followers. Does that make sense?

Be Human, #NotaBot

The Twitterverse has a deep dislike for most Twitterbot accounts, a program used to produce automated tweets.  Here I think we need to make the distinction between those who use automation to manage their account, and a Twitterbot account. The are not the same.

Automation allows a user to take tweets they would have already performed manually, and uses software to schedule when or how those posts are completed. It is a time management tool that, if used effectively, allows for real human interactions with those tweeting at you.

Twitterbot accounts use software as a “set it and forget it” utility. They are generally run with no human engagement backing it up. This means zero time investment in building a community, or engaging with other. These robots will also follow and unfollow other users automatically to build their following. They are SPAM.

You will sometimes find 100s of accounts with the exact same Bio promising to give you thousands or new Followers, all making the same tweets. The reason is because this practice has limited Follower growth potential and very limit organic reach. The companies behind these bots need 100s of accounts to produce any results.

Real, long term, sustained Follower growth requires authentic human interaction. There must be a captain steering your ship. Autopilot will not work.

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