WordPress Plugins you will want to install today

Are you looking for WordPress Plugins for your website? You may be completely new, or in the past used a blog with free hosted that doesn’t allow much customization. Go to Google or Bing to search for WordPress Plugins. What do you find?

What I found is either (1) the WordPress Plugins recommendations is just a list created from WordPress’ own list most popular page, (2) a specialized lists that is nothing more that the top search results within WordPress Plugins’ search feature, or (3) an affiliate post trying to sell you a plugin with features that exist in WordPress Plugins that are free.

I tested many WordPress Plugins, some good and some bad. This list includes some of my favorites for article or site enhancement. Please note: Plugins can only be installed in self-hosted WordPress sites; if your site is hosted on WordPress.com, you cannot add plugins. 

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

AccessPress Social Icons

The AccessPress Social Icons plugin allows you to create various social icons and link your social profiles from your website. You can select icons from our 12 different beautifully designed sets, or upload your own. Features include: defining sizes, adding effects, add tooltip, set margins etc. Also you can define to appear the icons horizontally/vertically and no. of rows/columns. [link]

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is a simple solution to insert any code into WordPress. Perfect for AdSense or contextual Amazon ads. Simply enter any HTML/Javascript/PHP code and select where and how you want to display it. [link]

Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

The Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy plugin puts your own information into a version of Automattic‘s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, both available under the Creative Commons Sharealike license, that have been modified to exclude specifics to Automattic (like mentions of “JetPack”, “WordPress.com”, and “VIP”) and have more generic language that can apply to most any site or service provider, including single sites, subscription sites, blog networks, and others. [link]

Disqus Comment System

One of the most recommended and used plugins, Disqus Comment System is a service and tool for web comments and discussions. Disqus makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community, and seamlessly integrates using the Disqus API and by syncing with WordPress comments. [link]


Footnotes is an all-in-one solution for displaying an automatically generated list of references on your post. I have tested several WordPress Plugins that promise to deplay footnotes and referances, but this is hte best.  The Plugin ships with a set of sane defaults but allows users control over how their footnotes are being displayed, giving you the ability to display decently-formatted footnotes on your WordPress Pages or Posts. [link]

Related Posts by Zemanta

Zemanta is a WordPress plugin that recommends your own content in the footer of your articles. This helps readers find more of your posts and keeps them on your site longer. It also recommends related posts from across the web and in turn promotes your posts to other users. In this way you get new unique visitors to your site. [link]

Tag Generator

Tag Generator plugin generates tags for all or selected posts by using Yahoo API. There are several WordPress Plugins that attempt to do this. but this has worked the best for me. [link]

WP LinkedIn

The WP LinkedIn plugin provides you with shortcodes to insert your full LinkedIn profile and a rotating scroller of your LinkedIn recommendations in any WordPress page or post. [link]

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John Wilson

Good job – got some ideas I didn’t know about.